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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why Are the Models in Plus Size Clothing Catalogues Not Actually Plus Sized?

There is no escaping the ladies plus size clothing catalogues.

Here's what came in the mail today:
I can see her collarbones.  She is not plus size. The end.
These catalogues inundated my mailbox when I lived in Oregon.

And guess what?

They've found me.


All the way down here in California.

For months now.

They're sneaky like that.

No matter how many times I call these catalogue companies to ask that they remove my name from their mailing lists, they just keeping arriving in my mailbox.  A few times a week.

And I kinda love it.

I love how I can flip through these catalogues and see those awful elastic waistbands on the lavender capri pants.

Or how they explain the "comfort fit" of their Mom Jeans.

The best part?

How I know that I will not have to shop out of those catalogues.




  1. I'm plus size....I've lost 70 lbs (non banded, no medical intervention), you can see my collarbones AND I'm plus size (Sz 18/20). Please think before you speak (write) and be more considerate of different body shapes and sizes.

    1. Hmmm... I'm wondering what was offensive here? It is a fact that most plus size fashion providers use size 12 models where the average american woman is a a size 14. I will also add though that straight size designers use models that aren't exactly representative of the size 2 -12 customer that they design for. I think it's more of an issue with the fashion industry wanting to sell fantasy and not reality.

      I'm also wondering why it had to be noted how you didn't lose the weight....

  2. I have questioned their use for "slimmer plus size" many times. Most women out there that are plus size have curves, rolls and dare i say more than one chin. So why not use those women. there is no shame being a plus size woman, but honestly i prefer being a slimmer healthier woman, with less rolls and one chin.

  3. Right, its like saying: "well if you're going to be plus sized you should at least look like this"... or be six feet tall lol

  4. I have to agree with you that is exciting...I can't wait until the day I can look at those magazines and know that I don't fit in those clothes because I am too small for them. I have a friend who is a plus size model and she is barely a 12...it is almost ridiculous!

  5. At my smallest, a size 10, I was solicited to be a plus size model. Funny because I remember being so offended at the time.

  6. It's a funny, funny world out there. A few weeks ago, I complimented a woman on her jewelry (it was a huge statement piece) and asked her where she found such a great piece. She whispered in my ear...."Plus size women's stores have the best jewelry.....because....ah....well....you know....". (BTW...she was not plus size). I wondered if she would have whispered or said that to me if I was plus size....
    Just another thing that keeps me thinking....

  7. I hate how the mannequins in the Old Navy website plus size section look so dowdy.. it's annoying and makes the cute clothes they are sporting look blah!! It annoys me every time b/c unfortunately I still do have to shop in the plus size section every once and again!! But I agree, the catalogs are the best b/c these women are hardly plus size and everything they have on them is completely not fitting and looks unappealing! I'm amazed they are still in business! :)

  8. a) When I was in group therapy for disordered eating, a story shared by a tall thin young woman with bulimia, was going on a model casting shoot and only being called back by the "plus sized" agents. She was probably 18 when it happened, close to six feet tall and about a size 8-10. Today I'm glad to say she is a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializing in disordered eating - she is fully recovered. And still drop dead gorgeous. But the industry messes with all our heads, if we let it.

    b) That said, I was discouraged to be shopping from that catalogue last summer - I blogged about it (without naming the catalogue) this week! I have the clothes in my closet now. I was so glad they all fit, but discouraged I had moved to the stage of all elastic waist or dresses that completely draped on me. I am so thankful to be moving back into more fitted clothes. And I know many women much larger than me, dressed much better than me for their body types/sizes. I just never managed to carry off my body size well and get comfortable with it. I had a friend in that same disordered eating group, who was probably 100 pounds heavier than me, and she would go shopping with me because she had terrific style, and she would help me not be so scared of the whole "go to the store" thing. It isn't directly related to the number on the scale, imo.

    c) Which is back to YOUR point I think....PUT SOMEONE BIG ON THE COVER for a woman's magazine selling to larger women. Yes that cover girl might technically be in a size sold in the catalogue. But try to tell me that is the target woman they are selling to. I know I was always looking around for larger women who looked fabulous, to figure out what I could wear and also feel better in my own skin.

  9. It's the same over here. I love walking past the big chain of plus size clothing stores and thinking "I will never have to shop in there again!" Whoop whoop

  10. Thank You! Enough said. :)

  11. I recently read somewhere that the size 6 and up is now considered PLUS size. SERIOIUSLY!!!! The average woman is a size 14. Now if the masses are a size 14, wouldn't anyone about your target (or the average size 14 woman) beconsidered plus size. How can your target audience be an average 14 and you still consider them plus size? That is like saying the average person consumes water more than any other beverage but Dr.Pepper is still the top seller. Makes no sense. I waited years to be a size 14 so I could be with the NORM, and now i'm still considered plus size! I'll never win (or so they think)! I have my confidence back, I feel comfortable in my skin and they will never convince me that being a size 0 is where I need to be, as long as my dr says i'm healthy and my BMI says i'm normal I will gladly accept their plus size status!

  12. I'm completely agree with author. I'm a plus size girl and don't think size 12 is plus size because it starts from 14 if you are American. Some days ago I was searching for plus size models and visited here http://plussizesavvymom.com/plus-size-models/ I found their measurements mostly have 36-32-38". How can anyone call them Plus Size? Why they are occupying our places in modeling?

  13. Are Plus Size Models welcomed as much as average size models? Many men are in love with the curvacious bodies. I want to be a plus size model

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