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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breaking Old Habits is a Bitch

Did you know that I've blogged about cake exactly TEN times since I began blogging in October 2009.

I dig me some cake.

Chocolate cake to be specific.

I didn't end up weighing my all time high of 258 lbs without being a bad ass baker of some tasty cake.

But sometimes I forget my limits.

Example? This past Saturday I baked me up some triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache glaze and crushed white chocolate pieces on top.
Sorry for the food porn.

I should have warned you.

So I had  one piece  OK, maybe more like TWO pieces on Sunday night.

When I came home from work on Monday night, that cake was just sitting there on the counter.

It was calling my name.

So guess what I did?

I chucked it.

Into the trash.
Then, I covered it in dish soap.

Just in case I was tempted to fish that bad boy out of the trash.

“Old habits die hard… but they do die.” ~ Jillian Michaels


  1. they are hard to kill....I am stuggeling killing some of mine right now...but love the hope you give me!!! I can kill those nasty habits that lead to yuck, yuck land!!! Great job for you and your will power as well!!

  2. I might have to try the soap thing just to make sure I stay out of the trash the next time I toss something.

  3. Omy! That looked delish, before the dish soap! Good call!

  4. soap is an awesome idea...and yeah that cake had my mouth watering! I also make my husband take baked goods to work and then make him tell me how much his co-workers enjoyed it....a lot of baking for me is either gratification of the taste or others enjoying the taste :D That might make me a cookie-cake-pusher --

  5. Ha! Last night, I tossed my ALL TIME favorite pie...it was an UNTOUCHED Coconut Cream Pie....into the garbage disposal. Yes, I DID! I think I even shed a few tears as I did it....! It was just too dangerous to have in the house. It was bad enough that I had finished off it's twin pie (the first Coconut Cream pie)the night before....thankfully there were only 2 pieces left in that pie. Tonight, I am tossing all of the leftover Easter candy that's been calling my name. Yes, I'm probably throwing away over $30 worth of stuff but it will save ME and I'm worth more than that.....lol!
    We gotta do what we gotta do....

  6. That happened to me with leftover Easter desserts. They were calling my name! I took them to the office breakroom and they were gone within the hour. Whew! Thanks office scavenegers!

  7. I usually cover things I don't want to eat in salt. I HATE salt.

  8. Haha. I just did something similar. Except it was a much S L O W E R process. I had some leftover fancy cheesecake from a book club I hosted. I sliced the leftovers into 190 calories each, carefully wrapped them and put them in the freezer. 2 months later they finally went in the trash. Good riddance! UGH!

  9. Wow- that took some will power because that cake looked awesome.

  10. Dang. You have some serious willpower. Good for you.