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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Would You Like a Gooey, Fudgy, Chocolatey Cake?

Yeah, me too.  But I don't have one.

But I do have a great analogy for you in regards to weight loss surgery.

So here goes: weight loss surgery is like baking a cake with a cake mix, not from scratch.

Whether you make a cake from scratch or with a box mix, you still have to do the following:

  • Turn on the oven
  • Grease/flour the cake pans
  • Take out the mixing bowl
  • Measure the ingredients
  • Crack open the eggs
  • Mix up the ingredients
  • Put the cake in the oven
  • Wait for the cake to bake
  • Wait for the cake to cool
  • Wash all the dishes/bowl/pans
Does the mix make it easier? Yes, perhaps, but there's still a lot of steps to make that cake.

Whether one is loosing weight in the traditional method or with a weight loss surgery,  we all still have to:
  • Keep track of food intake
  • Make good food choices
  • Make exercise a priority each day.
So the next time someone says that "you took the easy way out with your weight loss surgery", tell them to EAT CAKE!


  1. LOL I like this post, even if it did make me crave cake a little :P

  2. Great post! I always thought that "the easy way out" argument was so strange. Too drastic, too scary, not effective...before I started reasearching, weight loss surgery, I understood those arguments. After researching, I really changed my tune on those arguments as welll! But "easy way out"? I know people argue that all the time, but really if there were a true "easy way out" 90% of the United States would be taking it. :)

  3. Yes, I agree, great post - thanks for the motivation :)

  4. EXCELLENT analogy! 'Cept now I want cake. o_O

  5. Great post.

    After reading this, I was most happy to actually say to myself "no, I do not want cake!" The beauty of the band - the craving eliminator.

  6. What a great post...though now I am going to dream about cake!! you always have great and insightful posts!

  7. btw, you look so amazing..I still think it everytime I look at your header!!

  8. Oooo, I'm gonna use this for somebody I know...thanks! :)