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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ignore the Exit Signs

I heart analogies. They make me happy.  Analogies help me wrap my mind around the "whys" behind why I do what I do each day with making good food choices and making exercise a priority.

Remember the recent CHOCOLATE CAKE analogy? Oh, and the GAS TANK analogy from my one year bandiversary post?

Are you ready for another analogy?  Don't you roll your eyes at me! :)  Keep reading...a cheesy analogy is forthcoming.

I think of the road to weight loss and healthy living as a huge freeway..."The Freeway of Health". 

I know where I am headed and how to get there.  "Just stay on the freeway", I think to myself. 

I'm zipping along in my imaginary car and I get to stay on the freeway as long as I eat well and exercise.  Great and wonderful things happen on the freeway of health: fitting into tiny cute clothes, having tons of energy, no dependence on medications...I could go on and on of the fabulousness that happens on the freeway of health.

Sometimes on the freeway, there is major traffic and things slow down, but I still know that I am headed in the right direction.

But unfortunately, every couple of miles their are exit ramps with signs that say:
  • "Baskin Robbins Ice Cream"
  • "Sleep in this morning and skip Zumba class...won't that be nice?"
  • "Yummy candy and snacks in the break room, stop by and eat some before they're all gone!"
Which exit will I get off at?  Do I have to get off at any of these exits?  Sometimes, getting off at one exit (ie: Girl Scout Cookies) can lead to more distractions and delays in the land of "No Exercise"....it's a slippery slope.

Sure, these exits provide me with a quick fix, but I know that the more exits that I get off at, the longer it will take for me to find my way back to the freeway, and even more time that it will take me to get to my final destination.  We all know that backtracking is NOT fun.

I may not always stay on my freeway of health as it is a constant challenge.  But I am proud to announce that about 10 minutes ago I successfully passed by the "Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappaccino" exit.


  1. I love analogies too! Unlike a real highway though passing those exits is how you get anonymous guys stopping by your blog telling you how fabulous you look! :)

  2. LOVE IT! And I am stealing it for my day to day pep talk! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the boost. We are going to dinner with neighbors tonight and I will now make smart choices when I order. I was beginning to waver until I read your post for today. Thanks again.

  4. Girl, you have done SUCH an amazing job so far and you must be incredibly proud. That said: it never hurts to remember sayings like this - they are good as reminders where we've been and how we are never going back there again.

  5. Very true about those exits. Whenever I give myself permission to take an exit I know I should steer clear of, it makes it much harder to keep going straight instead of taking the next exit.

  6. Great analogy, totally adopting it. :)

  7. Nothing cheesy about it at all. In fact, I came here this morning looking for inspiration because not only did I get off the Christmas exit, I have been driving around the block ever since. :/

    Great post... thank you!

  8. I totally dig analogies! And thanks for sharing this one! Awesomeness!

  9. I love this - I always like to think that for every exit there is also an entry ramp!!