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Saturday, February 12, 2011


I went roller skating last night...like as in a roller rink with strobe lights and music.  I felt like I was back in third grade at a classmate's birthday party.

I think that was probably the last time I stepped foot in a rink....no one wants to see the fat chubby girl on skates, right?

Anyways...it turned out that I haven't forgotten how to skate...gotta love the old school quad skates!  Didn't fall once.  My feet only hurt a little bit after skating for over an hour...in the fatty days I would have had to sit down after 10 minutes.

AND it turned out to be a decent workout!  BONUS!!!!


  1. I am so impressed, a few years ago I went with my family--at 300 pounds and I thought, good gracious if I fall, how will i get my fat ass back off the floor. You look so skinny! Awesome and so jealous.

  2. FUN! I used to ice skate... maybe I'll try it again someday.

  3. Look at you!!! Looks like a fun time!

  4. I love, love skating! I used to walk to a rink in my neighborhood when I was a kid and I would skate all day long! So glad you had a good time!

  5. You look so cute! One of my best friends is starting roller derby and maybe I'll ask her if I can skate with her. I remember roller skating and ice skating back in the day and I always loved it. (Although if I have to be honest, one of my favorite parts of going to the rink were the nachos they had with the fluorescent orange "cheez" sauce...ugh.)

  6. You do look fabulous! I went a few years ago (pre-weightloss) and managed not to make a complete fool out of myself, but I was soooo sore the next day. I would like to think I could handle it is a little better now. Fun!!

  7. Damn, girl, you look good rockin' those skates. Please tell me they played "Stroke Me Stroke Me" by Billy Squier. That was my favorite song to skate to.

  8. So much fun!!! And you look fantastic!!

  9. Ok burning question! Do they still do the Hokey Pokey?

    Is it a rap song now?

    Johnson and Johnson should have you on TV doing lap-band ads. You are the dream personified!


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