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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fill Appointment Recap

I went for a fill this afternoon.  The magic scale said I was 144.8 lbs (which is what my scale at home said this morning too)...which proves that my scale at home might be a little high in comparison.

Here are the magic scale findings comparing last appt (11/18/10) with this appt (2/4/11):

                                                                11/18/10            2/4/11
Weight                                                      149.9                 144.8
Pounds of Body Fat                                    53.8                   48.9
Pounds of Lean Body Mass (Muscles!)       96.1                   95.9  (very small loss = 0.2, which is good)
Body Fat Percent                                        35.8%               33.7%  (getting less!)

My fill was 0.3 ccs which brings me up to 6.7 ccs in a 10 cc Lap Band....using the "stand up" method, of course.

I was a little relieved the get an answer to something that's been confusing me lately:  Every time I lie under my electric blanket or have my laptop on my belly (or both) my port always seems to have some discomfort.  I asked the NP about this and she says that there is a very small amount of metal in the base/back of the port and it is probably just heating up a bit which is giving me the discomfort.  I guess that makes sense since the pain always goes away within a minute of removing the blanket or laptop.  Go figure!

PS: nobody guessed who the mysterious banded blogger is that I will be meeting for coffee next week...I will let the suspense continue to build... {{evil laugh}}


  1. That's funny about the port. I've never had that happen, but it's probably because I still have plenty of fat insulating me. :) The suspense is killing me.

  2. Thanks for re-mentioning the stand up method. I'll have to talk to my people about it. Seems like a good way to figure out your sweet spot. What kind of scale do you have?

  3. I've never done the stand up method before. It makes sense though.

  4. Look at those numbers going down, I think the body fat percent is the most telling of success.

    Have a Great weekend!

  5. Hi! I'm new to the bloging community and I've enjoyed reading your entries. I'm a Jazzercise enthusiast, so that caught my eye. HA! I look forward to following you as you continue your success!

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  7. I get the "stand up" method when he fills via flouro. It does seem a bit more precise!

  8. when they had trouble finding my port the stand up method worked a couple of times..not that my band just pops out easy to see...i lay down again.

    Congratulations on the continued drop in weight and even more so body fat.

    Is it either Jen or Amanda? It isn't me..although I will be headed south for spring break and hope to plan a meet up for coffee. Are you in?


  9. Great job on the new numbers!

    I have done the sit up method - same exact thing except sitting up not standing. Unfortunately, it has never worked for me - both of the times I was way overfilled the doc did this - I was able to drink water sitting up with the needle in, but still ended up overfilled!

    Can't wait to hear who it is!