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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Fill and Monthly Tracking...

Yep, got a fill today.  Not exactly earth-shattering news...

.6cc fill for a total of 6.4 ccs in my 10 cc band.  I can really feel it. 

The NP did the fill using what I like to call the "stand up" method, she's done it this way once before:
  • I lay on the table, she gets the syringe into the port and locks it in, then I stand up with the syringe still in and I drink some water. 
  • She puts in .8 ccs (I asked for this amount) but the water wasn't hardly going down, so she took out .2ccs and drank water again, and it went down slowly. 
  • So that's how I ended up with .6 ccs.
Do you guys get your fills this way using the "stand up" method? I'm sure there's some official scientific name for this procedure/method.

Anyways, here's my monthly tracking...spreadsheets are my BFFs.  The weightloss has really slowed down as I approach my goal of 145lbs:
I would like to be at my goal weight of 145 lbs by Thanksgiving 11/25.  That's a loss of 1 pound on average per week.  The NP did say I need to be careful to not lose muscle weight, but rather lose fat.  We will see...

Zumba tonight! :)


  1. I love a good spreadsheet myself! I havent even had surgery and I've already created a graph which tracks my weight over the past 18 months and my (hopeful) weightloss over the 18 months post op!

    The thought of fills freks me out more than the surgery (go figure :/ lol)

    I hope this latest fill helps you to that next goal :)

  2. Man your numbers look awesome!!!! You should be so proud of yourself. I am hoping for one of those 13.4 lb loses one of these months.

  3. Your numbers look awesome! I have always had my fills standing up. I have never gotten on the table at all. He sits on the stool and just feels and jabs.

  4. It was great meeting you this weekend. Thank you for sharing your chart...I love spreadsheets myself. Keeps me honest!

    My fills are laying down, I do a crunch, he puts needle in, has me sit up to drink, takes out or puts back fluid, takes needle out, done!

  5. I love your spreadsheet and just borrowed the idea! ;) Best of luck with your goal, you've done wonderful and I know you can reach it. My first fill is in 3 more weeks so I will let everyone know the way my Dr does things.

    Also, I've enjoyed all the posts about Chicago; you look fantastic!

  6. I may steal that spreadsheet format too! Great job... at goal after 1 year! WOW. You rock, sister!
    Regarding getting a fill standing... I did once, but only b/c he had a hard time finding the port while I was laying down. I've never had any trouble swallowing any water though... that must be strange!

    Robin at Band on the Run

  7. awesome work! My surgeon has done the stand up but usually he pulls the needle out and if I am too tight he pokes me a second time. The fills are easy this time so I don't mind either way.

    I am a sloppy spreadsheet user but ticker factory has helped me keep at least track of losses and dates.

    Good luck with that new fill!

  8. Your losses are so impressive, and you look amazing! I get a fill next week and man do I need it!