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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Life With the Lap-Band All Rainbows & Butterflies For Me?





Let's get one thing VERY clear: Living my life with a Lap-Band takes WORK.

Check out this conversation that went down on Facebook a few days ago:

Great questions!

Thank you for reminding me that I am doing a lot of work each and every day to maintain my weight loss.  

Perhaps I am not sharing with you all the amount of hard work that it takes each and every day?

Let's discuss.

If you go back to blog posts when I was in my 14 month losing phase (Oct 2009-December 2010), I was in the phase that I like to call "Hard Core" mode.

It was on. like. Donkey. Kong.

On a post-it note.  Low-tech.

I counted each and every calorie and protein gram that passed my lips.

Every day.

When I got to ~1200 calories for the day: I STOPPED EATING. Even if I still wanted to eat (head hunger issues), I just drank water.  This was usually right after dinner time.

Occasionally, on a rare day, I would end up in my bed at 7:30pm because as we always used to say in Weight Watchers: "When you run out of points for the day, go to bed."

I kept track of how many ounces of water that I drank each day. I did and still do aim for 100+ ounces each day.

I hardly ever ate out at restaurants during those 14 months.  I just didn't trust the cooks in the kitchen. Literally.

When friends would ask if I wanted to go out to Happy Hour downtown or go grab dinner after work, I usually didn't go.  

I couldn't go because I had to go workout. I would Zumba or ride the Dreadmill 4-5 times a week.

I couldn't go out because me in a restaurant meant that I would eat more than I should.

I didn't trust myself with my own food choices.

I also didn't drink any alcoholic drinks for those 14 months.

I was intensely focused on getting to goal.

Getting below 145 lbs.

And I got there.

I've blogged a few times about how weight maintenance is very different than my losing phase: go read that post HERE.

I've been in maintenance for almost 28 months now. 

That's twice as long as my losing "Hard Core" phase.

How is maintenance different for me?

I have one to two days each week where I get to go above 1200 calories.  I might hit 1600-1900 calories on those days.  

Usually the weekend.

I don't write down what I eat anymore.

It's been a few months since I've whipped out a post-it note.

But I still aim for 1200 calories a day.

Even in maintenance.

I got so much practice writing it all down during my losing phase, that I usually know what my calorie and protein totals are in my head now.

I still go workout 4-5 times a week.

And I sweat.

A lot.

Here's proof:

Is all that work worth it?


Why is it worth it?

Because with all that work, I get to have health. Remember how badass my recent blood work/labs were?

Because with all that work, I don't need to take three hour naps on the weekend anymore. I'm not sleeping my life away.

Because with all that work, I get to have a rockin' body like this:
It's all worth it.



  1. I've read a bunch of your blog. Almost the entire thing from the beginning. I was so in awe one day I spent hours when I first started blogging. I never got the impression that the journey was easy for you. I was able to tell you literally worked your ass off to get to where you are, I can also tell you are still working your ass off to maintain where you are at. Maybe she somehow missed something. I am envious that you have never had a stuck episode though. I do have to say! Thanks for laying a road to follow!

  2. I found your blog through pinterst and read your post for that day and was hooked and had to go to the very begining so that I could really understand your journey. if it weren't for you and your blog i would not have had the nerve to start my own blog. Having read your entire blog I can honestly say i have never got the impression that it was rainbows and butterflies.

  3. I'm glad you wrote this blog entry. You are not a whiner and so it may be missed when you quietly make a point. I'm glad you stated it a little more clearly here. You aren't boaster either. You ARE a great example of doing the work, and getting the results. So glad you still regularly blog. xo

    And btw, thank goodness I have seen you blog picture after picture after picture of your portion sizes to TRY to wrap my brain around what I am going to be adjusting to eating. I would shake my head every time.

  4. LBG ~ Always an inspiration to me! I know how hard you work ~ its always work and there is not finish line - just moments of Awesomeness ~ Bikini photo proof!

  5. I have never thought this was rainbows and butterflies for you! I have also read your whole blog when I first found you. You have followed the rules like intended and gotten the results as intended. This does not mean that it is EASY! Big difference! You are an inspiration to me every day!!

  6. Very interesting post. I have never even once thought your journey was easy for you. I've read your blog from the beginning, and sure, while you are able to be a bit more relaxed now, as you said, you still live very much in routine and structure. You are able to enjoy because if not, what the heck are we here for? But you still consistently have to put in the work and make the healthier choices to maintain. Thanks for always inspiring.

  7. A great post, none of our journeys are the same. And to someone yours might look easy, but from what I have read you are always working on it. I have not read a post about your journey where you have not been keeping at it. I too have not had a stuck episode but it could happen one day. You were my inspiration to start blogging and for that I can not thank you enough.

  8. I agree on so many aspects. I don't eat out or very rarely. I don't drink. I track my calories. I exercise...it is all these things that are getting me to 145lbs...because I am in the hard core phase--love it!

  9. wonderful post! thank you

  10. Just massive applause here and yeah that picture is awesome. Be proud! 6ou earned it and you *deserve* it!

  11. Hey!! Is that bikini the same one Kelly Osbourne has on in the new April "Self" magazine?? I think it is!!! And you rocked it first!!!