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Monday, May 20, 2013

What Were My Fears?

Did you know that I found my healthier, skinnier self in the middle of nowhere, Oregon?

Who knew that my inner skinny girl was hiding up there in Oregon for all that time?

Not sure, but I sure am happy that I moved to Oregon six years ago and that I found her.

I moved to Oregon with my car packed to the ceiling on Memorial Day weekend 2007.

And here we are with Memorial Day Weekend 2013 just four days away. I'm so excited to be headed back to Oregon for a visit with all my friends.

Did I ever tell you that I almost chose NOT to move back to California eight months ago because of fear?

There were many, many fears actually.

These fears were not related to career choice, income, housing, or anything that I suppose most people would be worried about with a job change and out of state move.

Nope. That was the easy stuff for me.

What were my fears?
  • The fear of leaving my healthy routines and schedule. I love me some structure.
  • The fear of leaving my support system of close friends who watched me transform into the skinny girl.
  • The fear of leaving behind my Jazzercise and Zumba classes.
  • The fear of leaving behind all the behaviors that made me successful in losing 120 lbs and maintaining that weight loss.
  • And of course, the ultimate fear that most of us who have lost a large amount of weight:  

I can remember talking with my older sister on the phone about these fears when I was deciding whether I would move back to California.

And do you know what she said?

"Don't worry about it, you've got it all figured out" (or something like that, I'm paraphrasing)

Now that I look back on the past eight months, I have learned that she was correct.

But more importantly, I have also learned:
  • Healthy routines can change - but still be just as effective at keeping the weight off.
  • That Zumba and Jazzercise can be replaced with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD.
  • That I can make new friends and a form new support systems.
I am looking forward to catching up with all my Oregon friends this weekend. We have lots of fun shenanigans and ridiculousness planned. I shall post pics!

I now realize that moving back to California was the best decision for me and my healthier future.


  1. I have those same fears of moving. I am glad to see how well you adjusted. I think you have done marvelous baby!

  2. You are a rockstar! I always have some anxiety when I go from summer back to school or vice versa. Why is that? We would hate for everything to stay the same all of the time because if ti did none of use would be on this journey!

  3. Change can be scary but we have an amazing ability to adapt if we're open to something new. Your strength continues to amaze me.

  4. Great work- keeping your health goals as your environment changed. Good stuff. Adaptation is key to the long term- IMO.

  5. The band alone has been a very scary change for me. But you always have the best attitude toward life!

  6. You are really very brave.

  7. You made a tough decision. You have excelled. You are such an inspiration to so MANY of us. I am so inspired by you that I started my own blog. I know that it will help keep me accountable. I can only hope that I will be as successful as you have been.