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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Weigh-in Day & What Gets My Knickers in a Twist?

Goal weight: 145 lbs

Last week's weight: 138.2 lbs

This week's weight: 138.2 lbs


Now let's talk about my panties.

And what gets them all in a bunch.

Sorry if this comes off as a rant.

Here goes...

At Weight Loss Surgery Support Group this past weekend, I noticed a trend.

As peeps stood up to briefly talk about where they are in their weight loss surgery journey, they would often say, "I lost X pounds on my own and then I lost XX pounds since surgery."

Maybe they say "on my own" because they perceive that the pre-surgery weight loss was more difficult to achieve?

Or maybe it relates to the pre-op weight loss requirements that a lot of insurance companies require?

I personally see this as some people not owning their successes on the scale after weight loss surgery.

I'm not sure?

I personally have never once phrased my weight loss in this way.


Because whether I lost weight before or after getting the band:  I did do it on my own.

I did the work.

I still do the work.

Either way, I did it on my own.

The Lap-Band is not magic. (Captain Obvious alert!)

It takes work.

For me, the daily work that I do each and every day can be summed up as:

Saying "yes please" to exercise and saying "no thank you" to most foods.  

That's a lot of saying "yes please" each day to pushing Play on the DVD player and sweating it out with Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred.

And boatloads of repeatedly saying "no thank you" to foods:

"No thanks" to that coworker who bakes cookies every three freakin' days and brings them into the office.

"No thanks" to those free samples of new food products being developed at the office.

"No thanks" to those yummy egg rolls that were calling my name at Panda Express last night.

So what do I say when I stand up and share my journey at support group?

"Hi, I'm _(name)__.  I had Lap-Band surgery in October 2009. I lost about 120 lbs in about 14 months and have maintained my goal weight for two and half years."

That's it.

For me personally, there's nothing more to tell.

I suppose we all share our journeys with others in our own way.

What do you think?


  1. LOVE!! Agree agree agree.

  2. Interesting. I often break down my total loss into pre-and post surgery only when I'm talking about the experience to people exploring WLS. I do it so that they can understand how important the pre-surgical element of the journey is to the end result and that they need to be prepared to work their butts off the minute they decide to embark on their own journey and then i make sure they understand that a couple years post surgery, I still work my butt off every. single. day. and i still struggle with weight loss because my body, even with a lapband, eating properly and limited amounts and working out at intense levels, remains an inefficient machine.

  3. I can understand what they mean. I lost 10 lbs before my first visit to my Dr. they go by my weight I came in at I go by my heavest weight. I was 309lbs then I weighed in at 299 for them they say I lost 40lbs I say I lost 50lbs. 10 on my own 40 with the band. Knowing I am also working my band I am working for all of it just acknowledging the band as a needed help.

  4. I totally agree. I'm the only lapbander in my support group and in my meeting this week when I introduced myself and said that I had lapband surgery and have lost 170 lbs, the leader (the new nutritionist in my surgeon's practice) almost fell out of her chair. She actually looked at me and said "you seriously lost THAT much weight with a lapband?". I just looked at her and told her that Yes, it can be done if you follow the rules and do the work. I've found that people are becoming so anti-lapband that I feel like I need to show up to these meetings to prove that the sleeve and bypass aren't the only ways to lose weight...

    1. What an awesome story! I'm so glad you shared it here too! Way to work that band!

  5. I'm actually guilty of breaking my weight loss down this way, but usually only at lap band support meetings, so that people who are planning to get the band, or newly banded, don't think I've lost that much weight just since October. It's been nearly a year-long process. Guess I'm just trying to be as honest as possible. But in no way do I think the band is doing all the work for me.

  6. Totally agree......in fact..I don't remember what I lost presurgery

  7. i break it down, too--but only because I'm still a new Bander. I lost 54 pounds presurgery--and I am proud of that accomplishment.

    I've actually lost weight slower since I got my Band--and have only lost 3.6 pounds since my surgery date in March. *I'm hoping to change that before my next fill!*

    So, yes, it is about having to lose the weight without the 'tool' to help control portions and to keep you fuller longer. Of course, ANY weight loss is an accomplishment.

  8. I agree. I always say the total amount I have lost whether it is pre or post band. Either way, I decided I was going to get myself healthier and I count it from my highest weight along the journey because that is how far I have come.

  9. I do an have aways claimed the whole enchilada-before and after band. As you say..why quibble which part happened when it was all bloody hard work!!


  10. I always thought lap band was a magic pill.... until I read your blog and one of the gals I work with told me she had a lap band over 5 years ago.... she still looks like your before picture. There is also a gal at my work that has lost 130 pounds with a lap band, but she still eats candy, macaroni and cheese and chips.... grrrrrrrr.... I now understand lap bander's can be stereo typed but it is NOT a magic pill...

    there are always those that eat healthy to lose and those that do not eat healthy to lose... lap band or no

  11. Ah I do the very same thing. Because prior to surgery last June, I had lost A LOT of weight on my own... My surgery was June 27, 2012. By December 2012, I had lost 103lbs total since I had moved to the town I currently live in (Jan 2011). At first when I said 103 lbs ... people's eye balls about fell out of their heads and they thought from June 2012 to Dec 2012 I managed to drop that much weight. So then I would have to explain and re explain myself to them. I live in a teeny tiny town of 1200 and 10 miles away is the town I spent my childhood in and that has a pop of 800. And people talk. Hence I have to explain. Otherwise they would never "get it."

  12. LBG... I have actually had people ask me if I was going to "count" my pre band weight loss in my total weight loss. I blogged my answer for all to hear: "You bet your ass I am!" 'nuff said.

  13. I hear a lot of people use that phrase, "on my own", after they are involved in anything that helps with weight loss, surgery or a program or working with a trainer. I never thought much of it before, but it does imply that they didn't do the work afterward, that something else was responsible.