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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sugar Coating Not Included

Having to take high blood pressure pills since the ripe old age of 28 years old both in the morning and night was ridiculous.

The main reason that I had Lap-Band surgery in October 2009 was to get rid of my high blood pressure and the need to take high blood pressure medications. 

So I forked over $16,500 and got me a Lap-Band.

And I worked my band.

I ate right.

I exercised.

And the weight began to fall off.

Then that lovely day in April of 2010 (at 70 lbs lost), my primary care doctor officially took me off of all my high blood pressure medications.

Goal achieved.

The box on the "to-do" list was finally checked off.

The ultimate non-scale victory of all of the non-scale victories had happened.

I thought that there was a special rule in the wonderful land of weight loss that once I achieved a non-scale victory (NSV), that it was mine forever and ever.  You know, no take backs.

But I was WRONG.

In September of 2011 (at goal for 9 months), my blood pressure started to creep up again.

And I had to go back to taking one of those high blood pressure medications.

In January of 2012 (at goal for 13 months), my primary care doctor added another high blood pressure medication to the list.

And now guess what, in May of 2013 (at goal for 2.5 years), the blood pressure is creeping back up again.

Yesterday, my doctor DOUBLED my dosage of those damn high blood pressure medications.

And I still work my band.

I still eat right. (Most of the time.)

I still exercise. 

Here's a post-workout pic from the Facebook page last week. 
Perhaps I look healthy and fit?

The phrase that comes to my mind is: You can't judge a book by it's cover.

Who would guess that hypertension is lurking below the surface?

Genetics can be a bitch sometimes.


  1. so true..sometimes you can't run from it!

  2. You do look awesome! Sorry about the blood pressure that is a bummer! Chin up, you're fabulous! I fell off the wagon but I had a fill yesterday and your post and pics encourages me a lot! Thanks!!


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  3. Dang it. Sometimes we do all the right things and our body still revolts. Regardless... you are amazing!

  4. I am 34 and have been on BP meds since being pre-eclamptic with my daughter 6 years ago. When I went in February of this year to finally start my band journey, the doc specifically said -- HBP is genetic so be aware that it may not go away. BUMMER! All I know is you look awesome and I can't wait to be there!

  5. I know this sucks for you. At least you know you are doing all you can do to live a healthy life. Imagine what problems you would be facing if you never lost all the pounds. Hang in there!

  6. How high is your BP? Have you tried all the usual nutritional stuff - namely fish oil and potassium supplements?

    1. Lately 150s / 95s ish. I have not tried nutritional supplements yet. Good idea! Thx

  7. That definitely is a disappointment but on the bright side you're in shape, rocking a sexy bod and although it seems like a step backward think of how things may be different if you were your former self.

  8. Hate to hear about your BP...on the positive side. Your arms are looking amazing! :)

  9. You can't blame yourself for your genetics. All of your exercise is VERY heart protective. It creates multiple arterial alternatives and also keeps your vessels 'compliant' despite shifty BP. So-- despite the disappointment that the weight didn't cure your BP, your health changed dramatically with the weight loss. Good on ya.