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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My New Game That I Play

Now that I have tons of opportunities to enjoy lots of delicious vegetarian foods each and every day at work, I have a new game that I play called:

"Let's make this vegetarian food non-vegetarian"

Sometimes, this game is also called:

"Let's make this VEGAN food, not-so-vegan"

Why do I play this game?

Because I am always looking for ways to increase the protein in my food choices. 

And for me, protein usually means: add MEAT

Here's my latest creation which I shall call:

Chicken Chili Combo

Calories: 250
Proteins: 28


Microwave the chicken and the chili for about 1 to 1.5 mins.  Cover it or it splatters inside the microwave. Good fun!

Spoon the yogurt on top. (tastes like sour cream)

Sprinkle the onions on top.

Can you handle how complicated this recipe is?



  1. Looks very tasty! Never thought of using the Fage as sour cream. Interesting idea for sure as the consistency is identical!

  2. Use Fage as sour cream in chili all the time...never thought of buying canned to save time. I love Amy's brand!!!

  3. Looks good. Minus the onion for me!

  4. looks and sounds yummy not to mention family friendly- thanks for sharing

  5. I cant get Fage here in Canada :( I will have to find something as good and creamy as a sub for it. Yum - Im trying this on Tuesday for back to work day!

  6. I love chili! What a great Idea! And it sounds like it has a nice gentle kick to it too! I will be trying this!

  7. Awesome! I want your career. :-)
    If you have any ideas for how an executive might break in on the East coast without taking 90000 steps backwards, let me know.
    Cheers on your total amazingness.

  8. Love using Fage as sour cream! Great recipe ~ I'll try it - sans the chicken!

  9. YUM! I also use Fage as sour cream!

  10. Looks so good and I need to try that instead of sour cream!

  11. Thanks for you blog! Reading it has helped my decision to proceed to ward the surgery, and write a blog :)

  12. So cool that you work for Amy's. I love those products, especially the cheese enchiladas and tamale pie. Hope you are enjoying your new job. :)

  13. You're making me hungry. I want to punch you in the face. Lovingly though...