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Monday, January 14, 2013

How Often Do You Shake? And: Time To Shred It!

For me, I drink protein shakes maybe once or twice a week. 

I usually don't depend on shakes for my nutrition unless I am super busy.  

I like to eat REAL food that I get to chew.

Chewing is seriously under rated.  

Anyone on the pre-op/post-op liquid diet can vouch for that.

Typically, I go the shake route when I don't have time to cook or I forgot to prepare or plan my meal.

Here I am grabbing a quick shake on the drive home from work and on my way to Zumba:
Unjury.com  Chocolate Splendor flavor. YUM
On a completely random and separate topic: 

I began the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred It DVD program yesterday.  

The DVD cover claims that you can lose 20 lbs in 30 days. 

Since I don't want or need to lose 20 lbs, I am following the DVD program for strictly vain reasons: I want my arms to look like Jillian's arms.

I will be rocking those tank tops and short sleeved tops in the Spring!

So far the workout has pretty much kicked my booty. 

My arms and legs were super shaky at the end of the workout.

See? I have the hair to prove it:

And I'm still on level ONE. Yikes.  I'll be posting my daily Shred It Workout updates on Facebook.


  1. I do not really do shakes..it would be for an emergency. I don't even have them in the house.

  2. I do a shake every am. since my band is tight all morning (only have 3CC)...then real food the rest of the day.
    Would love to try the shred! I've heard good things.

  3. I shake every morning. I too find I have a tight band in the AM and it's a quick way to get some nutrition in first thing before my AM workout. Also it gives my body some protein and fats to munch on during my workout and help speed post workout recovery.

    I do Tony Horton's P90 (not P90X, it't the toddler version!) for sculpting when I cannot get to the gym. Best of luck with Jillian. I'm watching TBL for the very first time this season. She's one mean B. : )

  4. I almost never shake...I get really sad when I have to drink my food. That was the one thing that I struggled with during my pre-op...I missed the satisfaction of chewing.

  5. I do shakes when I'm in a hurry or my band is tight. I've never been one to eat when I first get up so I'm thankful to have the opportunity to eat my breakfast at work. If I know I'm going to be busy I'll bring a shake. Although full disclosure I can't do artificial sweeteners so I got a pass to use Optifast. Normally I try to do 1/2 optifast with unflavored unjury and 1/2 the water.


  6. Would you all recommend a certain brand? I'd like to start stocking up now! Thanks!! I have my first appointment with my surgeon tomorrow! Yay!!

  7. I probably have shakes more than I should. I am usually not hungry in the morning, so I usually have a shake in the morning. Occassionally on the run in the afternoon too. I try not to have 2 in one day too often. I love the Unjury protien powder though! Looking good!

  8. I have shakes pretty often. They work well for me especially when I'm at work since I have braces, and it can be impossible to eat real food and get it out of my teeth in the hour I have for lunch.

    I own the 30 day shred dvd, and I have never watched it. She scares me. I should get over this and try it. :)