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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can You Resist the Chips?

There has been a change in managers at my local Baja Fresh.

The new manager is the bomb dot com.

He's my new BFF.

For reals.

He says that he used to manage a Baja Fresh near the Castro in San Francisco.

He has a really fun Latino-flavored lisp and talks a lot with his hands.

He gave me a few hair product tips for my unfortunately frizzy hair that I was rockin' last night when I stopped by to pick up dinner.

He's a keeper.

Why is he so awesome?

He sold me this ginormous bowl of protein to me for $4.77!  Over a pound of food!

Black beans, cheese, chicken.

After filling up lots of little cups of salsa and cilantro at the Salsa Bar and not taking a bunch of empty clean cups home with me in my purse, I tried not to dance out the door to the Zumba-type music that they have playing at a crazy high volume:

I took that bowl home and got THREE meals out of it! 


That's what she said.

Those tupperwares are the 1 cup size.
Who says you can't eat fast food that's healthy and cheap?


  1. One of my favorite of your posts so far! I admit I have only been following for a couple months, but you got me cracking up with this one.

  2. I really need to try this place!

  3. You had me at salsa bar! I like to eat black bean & corn salsa as a meal...mmmmmmm. Looks like 3 delicious meals :)

  4. Salsa = quite possibly my favorite food EVAH!

    Give us the dirt on the hair tips!

  5. That is awesome - I don't think we have Baja Fresh here in Montreal, but I'm gonna keep an eye out - that is amazing!

  6. Dammit - I wish we had a baja fresh here! Looks awesome!

  7. What a great deal! Looks delish!


  8. I miss Baja Fresh! We used to have them all over south Florida but they're all closed up now. :-( We do have Tijuana Flats, Chipotle, and Moe's though, and they all have burrito bowls where I can load up on protein choices without the tortillas. The best thing about my band is paying for a meal once and eating it 3-4 times. A couple of nights ago we ordered Chinese food. I got the mu shu chicken without the pancakes and with the sauce on the side - essentially stir fried chicken, cabbage, carrots, onions, and scallions with a side of hoisin sauce. I ate that one $7 entree for FOUR meals!