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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Like Licking a Piece of Chalk

Since my new surgeon will only do an adjustment to my band after a barium swallow (a new patient requirement), I went yesterday to get 'er done.

I suppose that it's a good idea to take a looksy.

I've heard this same procedure be called: flouroscopy or barium swallow or upper endoscopy.


So many names for the same procedure! 

Make up your minds people.

Let's just call it a Glamour Shots photo shoot. 

There should be a white feather boa involved an abundance of way too much magenta lipstick. 

Anywhoozle, the flouroscopy doctor (I'm sure he has a super fancy doctor title) who performed the procedure was very informative and told me so much about my band.

I swallowed that oh-so-delicious chalky barium and the photo shoot began.

We watched the barium travel down my throat and past my band.

He said that my band:
  • Looked perfectly placed.  He offered up some awesome trivia like: Did you know that a band should be at a 45 to 50 degree angle? Get your protractors out!
  • That the pouch above the band was not stretched out.
  • That my band was "pretty loose" and that he could easily see an additional 1 full cc added.
Now I will show you pics of each flouroscopy that I've had done since being banded. 

Because nothing screams "excitement" like medical images of yours truly.



2013 (yesterday)


  1. Cool pics. Love them. Good docs and a good baseline are helpful for diagnosis. Glad you'll be able to get a fill. Ice never seen pics of a band before.

    Is the fill an out patient procedure.

    1. Fills are usually an easy office visit appointment for me. Quick and my port is easily accessible :)

  2. I get so geeked up about this stuff. Maybe in another life I was a nurse/doc. Happy Filling!

  3. Interesting....Thanks for sharing!


  4. thanks for the glamour shots :)
    I need to get that done but I can't till after the baby. I am nervous that my pouch is a little stretchy :/

  5. I enjoy seeing these pics. My doctor doesn't do this

  6. Yeah...I'm always too chicken to ask to take pictures. I figure they are worried about possible lawsuits. I wish I had pics of my barium swallows though, since seeing it is pretty darn cool. I suppose I could probably just ask for the images...I've done that before of my heart MRI's when transferring the images to another clinic. They are pretty cool to see.

    So about your 2010 image...that one looks like the "tilt" that they did an un-fill on me for in September. Did they say everything was ok with that one? I think the only reason they did the un-fill on me was because I was having intermittent vomiting issues. Otherwise they said it was not anything they were overly concerned about. Just curious if it was mentioned to you at all, and if so what they said about it.

  7. My doc doesn't do these, and it looks so interesting, it sort of makes me want one so that I can check out what my band looks like :p

  8. I'm coming up on my one year here soon! Can't wait to see how the innards are doing! Super glad it doesn't take much barium to see what they need.

  9. Awesome pics!! So interesting. I really wish my clinic did a barium swallow at least once a year. I would like to know that my little band is still sitting where it should and what condition my pouch is in etc. Perhaps I'll ask next time I'm in there.

  10. I'm 4 1/2 years out and my dr. doesn't do this either. I've actually been wondering if they will do it at 5 years out.

  11. Wow look at the size changes with fills :) I do love good medical imaging. Mine doesn't do them either..He threatened with my last fill. Part of me wants to know and the other part doesn't you know all of those mad thought..maybe something is wrong etc.

    I am glad it all went well and I assume you got the fill you were after?


  12. That was so interesting -- I love seeing pics like that! Thanks for posting!

  13. I was thinking about this post while I did my barium swallow today for my pre-op tests. Have you ever had any problems with the barium or did they ever make you swallow baking soda crystals beforehand? I had a really bad reaction to the crystals, and consequently the barium. I was so sick in those twenty minutes that I was planning to call off the surgery, which is on Tuesday. Any tips for swallowing barium? I know I have to do at least one more swallow after surgery. I don't think they'll make me attempt the crystals again, and I've never heard of them before today.