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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's Talk About My Back Fat

An intriguing topic...right?


Well, just roll with me for a minute here...

I found this old photo the other day and thought that I'd  make you look at it  share it with you.

A lovely sail away photo from a cruise in April 2011. Weight: 139.2 lbs. I was at my goal weight for about five months when this photo was taken:
Dad & I chillin' on the pool deck...or wait, is it "Me & Dad"?   Whatevs.
Now let's look at a photo that was originally meant to be a "before" spray tan pic. Taken three weeks ago. July 2012. Weight: 139.4 lbs:
 Hi Mom! Yes, I know that nice young ladies don't put nakey
pics of themselves on the interwebs.  No need to call me to tell me this.
...and that is why I continue to exercise.

Almost the same exact weight.  

15 months apart.

Such a different shape not just in my back but also in my arms.  No rolly wobbly bits.

I've learned that in maintenance, it's not always what that scale says but how I look and feel.

And do you know what?

I feel strong.


  1. You look strong too. Do you think your loose skin is shrinking as you tone up or is the muscle definition making it less noticeable?

    1. Both, probably.

      I think the skin has shrunk up more in some places (arms) and not so much in other places (lower belly...yikes).

      ...and muscle definition doesn't seem to hurt the situation either.

  2. Wow that's an amazing change! Congratulations!


  3. Oh man, morning porn, and thank you very much

  4. I needed this post. Seriously. Inspiration for all us exercisers!!!!

  5. Such a great post! It's a journey, not a destination!!! Thanks for sharing the mile markers even in maintenance!

  6. so I just had a very long comment coming at ya, but lucky you it got lost in space... I was just pretty much telling you how awesome you are for many reasons, and wow you look great what a change! nice to see that one can avoid the saggy baggy elephant look, with lots of hard work and a lil time to let you skin mold to your new (lovely) bod... way to go LBG! as usual you have given me some motivation to get off my butt and get moving.. ok thats all .. you rock.

  7. You *are* strong - and such an inspiration! I was looking at the sagginess on my own self this morning and just sighing...but hey, if I keep at it like you have, who knows, right? Thanks for the motivation!

  8. Woohoo! I hope mine goes away like that, too!

  9. Dang it!! You are so right! Note to self....get back to lifting weights and TRX!! You rock!

  10. I am looking forward to these continued changes myself! I am realizing that losing the weight isn't the end of anything. Thanks for the photo documentation that it's true and it can happen with hard work!

  11. nice job conquering the back fat!

  12. That. Is. Awesome! Really! Those photos are so much better than when someone just talks about how "it's not always/only what the scale says." Thank you!


  13. inspirational...makes me want to do some pushups right now!

  14. It's amazing how our bodies continue to change from exercise even though we aren't losing anymore. You look amazing!!

  15. Wow... I feel like exercising right NOW! Talk about inspiration... You define it lady! What a change...just goes to show that exercising really CAN help with skin and changing your shape! :)

  16. Thanks for the awesome inspiration, as always! Exercising does make such a difference and I can't wait to see more and more of it for myself!

  17. awesome post! great reminder of the importance of being fit... not just slim.

  18. Awesome!! You look amazing!! Way to go!!

  19. Are you trying to make us pull out heads out of the anti-exercise sand? :) sheesh..digging in deeper here..:)

    Ok..Your right..there is a big difference and your after but pre spray tan photo is totally awesome.


  20. Wow you look crazy strong in that 2nd picture!
    Ps you have the tiny tiniest legs ever!

  21. what an amazing transformation! i too am an exercise fiend and i must say, certain things make me smile big. like when people are truly shocked to learn that i weigh 155lbs. i wear a 4/6 and am 5'4 1/2. and when people learn that not so long ago i weighed 262.2lbs and look me up and down and day i don't LOOK like I've lost a lot of weight because my skin is quite firm. both are because i swim or bike or jog or a combo of those just about every single day

  22. You look great! I'm down about 135lbs today. Last week my neighbor, an elderly woman, stops me and tells me I look so good and she can't believe that my whole body and face are not saggy. HAHA!! It gave me the motivation to get up the next morning to get to the gym! Sheesh!

  23. Wow, what a great comparison! It's true exercise is so important!

  24. I have to keep reminding myself that it is about how I feel, I get so danged obsessed with numbers!!! scale, calories, number of proteins, pants size ... yadda yadda yadda

    Keep it simple stupid!! I have to keep reminding myself

    count your calories, keep my protein high, cardio 5 times a week gym twice a week = Healthy, happy Karla :p

  25. Thanks for putting this particular topic up with pics. I always wondered whether exercise would help pull everything back into line, and now you've cleared that up for me - and the rest of us. Thankyou :)


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