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Monday, August 27, 2012

Treasures Found!

I've been cleaning closets, drawers, and taking tons of stuff to Goodwill. 

I know.

What an exciting weekend, right?


There's something so calming and cathartic about getting rid of stuff. 

Did you see the post on Facebook about my size 24W formal ball gown that I finally gave up?

Onwards to some treasures that I found!

A Weight Watchers weigh-in book. Do you know how many YEARS that I started and stopped Weight Watchers? Loads. As you can see, this book was from an attempt in early 2008. I started just after new years in 2008....resolution time, right?

I also discovered that I actually weighed more than what I was noting on my ticker at the top of the blog. Yep, my new official pre-band weight is now 258.8 lbs (not 256 lbs). It's the details people.

If we look farther along in the book, we can see that I was up to my usual Weight Watchers routine: be really into it for about 10-12 weeks (lose about 20 lbs) and then give up.

Onwards to the next treasure...

An old pair of really BIG knickers. Size 24W to be specific.  Here they are next to my current knickers. What a difference.

The last treasure...?

A LAP-BAND lanyard.  Yep. I totally forgot that I had this statement-maker.  An accessory that all the cool kids are wearing.

What a great way to be out and proud with my Lap-Band at work by proudly displaying my corporate name badge/ID with a bad boy like this.  I can't wait to wear it:


  1. On the lan yard wearing being out and proud, What are you thought on telling people about your weight loss surgery? I did with the band and it was totally they wrong thing to do... now that I am moving to a sleeve I just don't know what to do? I don't want to lie but I also don't want to explain and justify it to everyone either. Working in a hospital does make it slightly harder..
    Any thoughts?

  2. too funny...My unders have gotten so big and baggy I really need to buy some that fit!

  3. I have a bunch of my WW books too, in fact, that is what I used to document my failed attempts to lose weight for my insurance approval.

  4. My WW book is pretty much right on track with yours. I don't even think I still have mine though. Just a collection of "still didn't stick with it" as far as I was concerned. : (
    Love the undies! So pretty! What an amazing comparison.

  5. Love how the undies get fancier and more colorful, too!

  6. The underwear shot made me giggle. :) You go, girl!!

  7. Thanks for the chuckle. You crack me up.

  8. Nothing says weight loss like big knickers ;)

  9. Awesome treasures from a who different era... WOO HO!!

  10. oops, that should read


    different era... lol

  11. Omg!!! My WW booklets go back to 1998 or so. Funny , as many of mine are the same, 10 or 12 weeks and then nada. Thanks for posting and cleaning out the old stuff is awesome.

  12. HA, I chunked my old unders, guess I should have kept 'em for comparison's sake!

  13. I love the underwear shot ha ha what a great way to look back on things!