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Monday, August 20, 2012

My Two Favorite Things




That's how I came up with my Trailer Trash name, "Sugar Pie" for the Trailer Trash theme party on Saturday night.

If you really want to see a redonkulous pic of "Sugar Pie", go check out Facebook

It was very memorable and fun party, with some serious red-neck party games!

So, you may be wondering...what does one eat at a Trailer Trash party?  

Well, if you are avoiding all food porn...you may want to avoid looking at the following pic:

Are you ready for it?

Here goes:
There were cheese doodles and pork rinds too!
Unfortunately (fortunately?), I only had water at the party.  My gall bladder (?) has been acting up with some pretty awesome upper right tummy stabbing pains that stab me in the back too. Always after I eat.  Good times.  It made me not want to eat ANYTHING at the party...not even a Ho-Ho or a Twinkie.

The ultra-sound of my gall bladder (about a month ago) came back with no conclusive results.

No stones, no nothin'. Who knows?

I am going to be in denial about my gall bladder for at least a little while longer so just roll with me on this.


  1. Funny...a few years ago that food would have looked awesome to me...now it kinda grosses me out. Hope you GB feels better - I've had that situation and its no fun. Love the name Sugar Pie...and great photo on FB!

  2. getting that back pain, that pain that goes right thru to your back, is usually when you have a lil pancreatitis going on with you galstones...you may want to have your Doc. do some labs, amylase and lipase... that should help diagnos the stones, though you may just have "sludge" and drinking water with lots of lemon will help with that a bit.... good luck "sugar pie" lol

  3. Wow, Sugar Pie is a good look for you. ;)

  4. ah food that looks the same in 20 years due to perservatives...yea just doesn't do it like it used to---love your name Sugar Pie!!!

  5. LOVE the Wendy's visor!! Sorry about your gall bladder. Worse than labor pains if you ask me. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. So far I've escaped the gall bladder problems but I know it can rear its ugly head with almost no warning. I had a friend who ate peanuts and then was rushed to the emergency room. The nurse told her it was her gall bladder because she said she had the "gall bladder wiggle". Apparently, in trying to get away from the pain, you can't stop moving. I hope you have a happy ending to this.

    I'm off to view Sugar Pie. :)

  7. I saw your pic on facebook yesterday and I was crackin up! You so trashy! lol

  8. the wendy's hat is a nice touch!!

  9. Hello darling....First if you have to have your gallbladder out do it before it makes you very very sick. I had mine out before my lapband surgery and it was easier than my band surgery and my band was sooooo easy. Second, I just want to thank you for your wonderful words about me on the BOOBs blog. Your words mean so much. I must say that you and your blog are the reason I started my own blog. Thank you