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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Non-Scale Victory Alert!

When I am Jazzercising, I feel like I look like this:
But I bet I look more like this:

But that's OK, because I am gettin' my sweat on and building muscles.

Who cares.

Now, onwards to the Non-Scale Victory (NSV):

Yesterday in Jazzercise class, a random woman who sometimes stands behind me (who also seriously needs to rethink her personal safety circle -- a close-stander I tell 'ya), said to me:

"I like being behind you in class because you know how to do the dance moves right."



Didn't she just see me skip to the right while everyone else did kick-ball changes to the left?


Hmmm...I guess that my continued attempts at my top-secret project, "Become a Jazzercise Bad Ass", is coming along nicely.

The illusion is now complete.


  1. I'm thinking you look like the first picture. I get so tickled at myself getting things wrong that I literally laugh out loud. No matter. We're moving and burning those pesky calories. I'm also smiling as I pretend to be a "real" dancer. :-)

  2. You are the picture of fit. Awesome!

  3. Awesome!

    I worry about close-standers, too. I always wonder if they're going to sue me if I accidentally flail left as they're shimmying right and I break their nose.

  4. I suppose after she said that you didn't feel it was the right time to mention she was invading your personal space? ;-D

    Very nice compliment. :-)

  5. Maybe she wanted to buy you ... a cocktail or something... Great pickup line..

  6. Ha ha. I stand behind someone who I think knows what they are doing. Now I know why I'm never in sync with the rest of the class. But I still think you probably look more like Fonda than the second photo. Feel the burn, as Jane always said!

  7. Love this! I seriously know what you mean though about what you feel like and what you probably look like...I'm sure like someone else commented though that you probably look more like pic #1 than you think! : ) I always feel like I'm a zumba goddess when I'm out on the floor you know. Then I realize there is no way my hips are rollin like I think they are or whatevs... Haha.

  8. Sweet! I would stand behind someone who looked like they were doing, too... but probably somewhere near the back. lol

  9. I love the expression on the faces of the on-lookers in the second photo! This post made me laugh out loud, you are so funny! I can totally relate, I am a very uncoordinated and ungraceful girl, but I like to pretend I'm not.