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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Weigh-in Day & a Scary Thought For Me

Today is my 141st weekly Friday weigh-in since I started the pre-op diet back in August 2009 at 256 lbs

Goal Weight: 145 lbs

Today's Weight: 140.6 lbs

Golf claps all around.

Onwards to a scary thought:

This week, the word "bikini" emerged from my mouth in the same sentence as "I might want to try wearing one this summer..."

There's a FIRST for everything.  Right?

I have NEVER EVER put sunblock on my belly because it hasn't seen the light of day. Ever. Seriously.

I'm hung up on the extra skin on my belly.  There I said it. 

It's wobbly.  It's mushy. It's squishy like bread dough.  Spanx are my friend. 

I know that my hang up on wearing a bikini is just my inner fat girl screaming "no! don't do it!"

So, I ask you, can you recommend a good quality, well-constructed line of swimwear/bikinis?  I'm looking for something that'll hold it all together if you know what I mean and contain these 36 DDs. 


Maybe if I find something decent, I'll do a blog reveal of me in my bikini a la Kirstie Alley on Oprah

I feel like I would like this.


  1. While I can't imagine being caught dead in them, I like the sporty two piece suits in the Land's End catalogue. I have always liked their quality.

  2. While I can't imagine myself in a bikini (my thighs are just tragic), but this year I did buy a two piece...swim shorts (to cover the thighs) and a bikini top and I think it looks pretty good on me. I bought it (and two other tankini tops) online at Lands End. I have to second Tina's recommendation - their suits are good quality and I like that you can order the tops and bottoms separate.

  3. Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen! I am sure you will look great no matter what your decision.

  4. I think some of the tankinis are very, very cute. Check out this page at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_7?url=search-alias%3Dapparel&field-keywords=tankini+swimsuits+for+women&sprefix=tankini%2Capparel%2C206. :)

  5. Sorry I don't have any recommendations. I have not shopped for a suit in years, but I am excited for you and I know you will find something awesome.

  6. You have to remember that Kirstie Alley was also wearing stripper hose on Oprah to hold in all her leg jiggle, so take her example with a grain of salt. One thing I have always kept in mind is that "Just because you CAN, doesn't always mean you should" and this is very true when it comes to bathing suits :) Land's End has some really good individual pieces with underwire for busty support (we all need that!) and nice stomach coverage. I know when I tried on 2 piece suits when I was at 145, it was such an ODD experience and I just didn't feel comfortable. To me there is little else worse when it comes to fashion when you see a woman wearing something that obviously makes her uncomfortable (keeps pulling and tugging or covering something with her hands) yet she still wears it because a part of her brain thinks she can. I can't wait to see what you decide on...

  7. Well, in defense of the rhino - look at her creamy smooth hiney and thighs. She's a hottie for sure! I think you can pull it off. Try to find something with a higher waisted bottom (not super high but just below the belly button) to hold the skin flat. It'll be fine!

  8. oops- now I notice it's a hippo! lol

  9. Hey, Hi--usually I lurk, but I have a web site I really love and want to share--check out "Linda the Bra Lady" She has an amazing selection of bra-sized swim suits and you purchase the tops and bottoms separately. I personally like the Fantasie brand, which I wear in bras as well as swim wear--I wear a 30/32FF, so I totally know what I am talking about here! I also have a tankini by Miracle Suit--be sure to note the reviews about their sizing--it does run small! A tankini might be a good transitional step for you. Good luck! -- Emily

  10. I think being that exposed makes anyone feel self conscious.

    I buy bikinis and other swimwear through my specialist bra shop bravissimo


    I don't know if they have a US counterpart but they cater for big cup sizes and you buy the top and bottom separately. I am sure some of the brands (Panache, Freya, Fantasie) are international if there are no specialists. Both mine are Freya and fit really well.

  11. Victoria's Secret make suits that are based off of their bras and very supportive. I say go for it and get yourself a bikini!! You deserve it!

  12. you could rock anything!

    i don't know if they make two pieces but I did buy a Spanx Swimsuit at Target!

    The brand is "love your assets" but you can go to www.spanx.com/assets and see the suits.

  13. Do it girl-- you will look amazing and you need to own your awesome new figure! You worked hard... try Athleta-- I think there stuff is great.

  14. I'm sure you'll look amazing in anything - I'm excited for you!

  15. So excited to see what you decide on dear! Also, congrats on 141 weigh ins! That's amazing.

  16. I got a two-piece suit this year, but it's like a tankini and shorts. You don't have to show off everything if you're not comfortable, there are other ways to avoid the dreaded one-piece! :)

  17. I say go for it! A couple years back when I lost some weight I struggled finding a suit that would support "my girls". I found a great swimsuit at Nordstrom and I loved it. It was a halter top suit with adjustable leg openings. I could adjust it from boy shorts to high cut in a flash. Don't be tempted by the less expensive suits at Old Navy (I learned the hard way). Spend the money and go for a quality suit.