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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tastes Like a Bait n' Switch to Me

I just realized that I forgot to take my high blood pressure (HBP) medication this morning.  Yep, I ran out the door and totally forgot.

Now I'm thinking...should I go home at lunch and take it?

Or just say f*ck it, I'll take it tomorrow?

I'll remember to take tonight's high blood pressure medication. (Yes, that's another HBP medication that I'm on).

The main reason that I got the band was to resolve my "co-morbidities."  Is that hyphenated?  Hmmm...

I don't like words that have "morbid" hiding in them.

Remember how when you were pre-op the medical professionals in our lives just LOVED to throw around that word: "co-morbidities".  They tell you how all those will go away.  It'll be like magic, you'll see.

I used to think that:
Getting Healthy & Losing Weight = No More Co-morbidities

Well, my HBP did go away.  For about a year. 

Then the HBP came back.

So now I'm back on medications. 

No dollar savings on co-pays that were promised long ago.

I do realize now that my genetics are not on my side. 

But that's OK, because I have GAINED so much from getting my body healthy with the help of the Lap Band:
  • No longer carrying around and extra 115 lbs. I still can't figure out how I did that each and every day. No wonder I was so tired all the freakin' time.
  • My back no longer hurts.
  • My feet no longer hurt.
  • I don't get sweaty and out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs.
What is the best thing about getting healthy for me?

I am no longer sick and tired of being sick and tired.


  1. I don't know if I'd go home to take it, unless your close to home? Sorry the HBP problems came back, darn genetics!! I'm with you on the rest though! Being healthier and not carrying those extra pounds around is so worth it. I also wonder how I could have carried over 100 pounds extra everyday! That'd be like carrying both my kids and a backpack full of books everywhere!

  2. I would probably say f@ck it, unless of course you are having BP issues. I have a little pill case that I bought at a coach outlet (it's a sickness there is no medication for) that I keep at work with a few of my morning meds in it just in case I forget.

  3. I like Terrie's idea. Get yourself a little pill case that you can stash in your desk with maybe only 1 set of morning meds (vitamin, HBP, etc) I would rotate it too if there is any chance of it expiring of course.

    As for the rest of the things you're grateful for with your loss, I understand exactly where you are coming from and I'm not even at goal yet!
    *heart u*

  4. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    You still must be much better than you were 115 pounds again with your HBP, right? I would not run home unless you are feeling any symptoms but it is late in the day now so I am sure you already went home or didn't. I keep an extra set of pills in my purse in a baggie (cheaper then Coach but nearly as exciting!).