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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Question of the Day!

Finally! I'm not going to ask you a rhetorical question.

That's my 50 gajillion point word of the day: rhetorical.

I gotta try and work 'rhetorical' into my next Words With Friends game. Do you play WWF?

Anywhoozle, here's the question:

If you had the opportunity to sit face to face with the Lap Band manufacturer and ask them ANY questions that you wanted, what would YOU ask?

Why do I ask? Because I'll let you in on a little secret: THEY'RE LISTENING.


  1. I would ask them why so many of us after 4 years are experiencing problems or even the loss of our bands?

    What they are doing to help figure out how to combat this.

  2. I would ask if they should participate in the consult whenever it is decided to remove a band. I would also ask if they should be a financial participant when that happens (not all of the cost of removal/revision, but some portion in cases where their product failed). This would make me feel like they stand behind their product.

    I would ask why there are different sizes (something my surgeon will probably explain).

    I would also ask for stats of their product success rate vs competitors product at every year (year 1, year 2, year.....10). By success rate I mean weight loss and band slips/failures.

    I would ask that they participate in our success by providing ongoing support, discussion forums, recipes, tips, all the things we do here should be available for anyone, not just those who blog. I see plenty of "success stories" on their website, but not good concrete data that explains the exact work that it will take to use this tool successfully. My husband for instance would never blog but would go to their website and learn from the experts.

    I would ask how many people in their company actually have the band and their success rate.

    As you can see, I am full of questions...I will probably think of more... :)

  3. My question would be what is the life expectancy of the band? As you yourself said before, you don't purchase a car and expect it to run forever even with care and good maintenance. Why are so many of our fellow blog buddies having problems?

    I'd also really like the answer to Tina's questions. They're really well thought.

  4. why do you have to be so slow to get fills and wait so long between them. Why is there inconsistencies with pre-op diet and post-op diet. Why do you have to get an unfill and EGD everyear and then slowly get fills again...this seems like such a scam to me. Why are fills so expensive?

  5. I'm with Cat...I want to know the life expectancy of the band...there seems to be a lot of folks having issues with their bands around the 5 year mark so I would like to know what we can do to prevent issues.

  6. I'm with Cat and Vicky. I want to know the life expectancy of the band.

  7. I would like to see long term results and research showing the success rates of the band. I am pre-band, and I want to KNOW and be reassured that this is something that I can count on for longer than 5 years, i'm only 26. I would like to know if the pre-op and post-op diets are recommended by the makers or if the Dr.'s make that up on their own since I have seen SOOOOO much variances in pre-op and post-op diets from people here in blogland. Also with the others, what are they doing to try and prevent problems and help extend the lives of the bands.

  8. Jennxaz, just wanted to say that I think the fill schedule is a surgeon's preference. The money for fills does not go to the manufacturers as far as I know, because that's all provided by the surgeon. For example, my surgeon is very aggressive with fills and will let you come every 2 weeks (after the 6 week healing mark) to get fills, whereas I know other surgeons make you wait 6 weeks in between.

  9. I would ask why the long term results are so poor. I chose the sleeve over the band for that reason. (the sleeve has it's own problems:) I think the band works for some like you, but for most, it doesn't. I know at least 10 people in my life who got banded and NONE of them have reached their goal or are anywhere close to it. :( If I thought it would help me, I would do it instead of getting a sleeve revision.

    1. I'm not banded nor have I had WLS, but isn't the success rate of any type of procedure more dependent on the compliance of the patient (following proper pre-op counseling by surgeon, psychiatrist, etc.) more than the product itself?

    2. (sorry, hit publish by accident) -- My lifelong BFF had R-n-Y gastric bypass nearly 4 yrs ago and has maintained a 180 lb weight loss ever since...she still keeps in touch with many fellow patients of her surgeon whom she met in pre-op group counseling and none of them has achieved or maintained their goal weights, completely due to their not changing their lifestyles as instructed. The expected results of any medical procedure -- be it WLS, root canal, coronary bypass, bunion surgery, tummy tuck -- can all be relatively easily nullified if the patient does not follow the proscribed post-op behavior changes. Procedures and products aren't magic and I'm not sure that is stressed enough or if a lot of patients just choose not to acknowledge that. Lap Band Gal writes a lot that the band doesn't do her thinking for her, nor does it stop her hand from going to her mouth...all it does is give her the awareness...hope that makes sense.

  10. add me to the list of people that want to know how long my band friend is expected to last.

  11. I would like to know why there is such a descrepency among practices when it comes to expectations and "rules" of the band. And, I'd like to say thank you! The band changed my life. I had my yearly yesterday my blood pressure was 100/60, my cholesterol is ideal, my blood sugar....everything was great! I'm so pleased with my decision.

  12. I would also ask about true life expectancy of the band.
    When I got my band, I figured that this might not last forever and that I might need an additional solution maybe 8 to 10 years down the line-- but I wouldn't have thought it would be a good or expected outcome to have to get a new band or a new surgery at 4 years out.
    I am at 2.5 years and holding.
    Though I haven't reached my goal, I know my band has helped me take off a good portion of my excess weight-- and I am grateful for the technology.

    I would also like to know about what band manufacturers say are TRULY invitations to complications:

    Is being too tight a real problem and for how long? If you are too tight for a day is it too long, or is being too tight for a month the real problem starter?
    What causes leakages in the band tubing-- any way to avoid that?

    Finally: I would ask--
    What are the KEY WAYS that the manufacturers would suggest that band patients act and live so as to preserve the life of their bands as long as possible.

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