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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Waiting For You

Here I sit.

Where exactly am I sitting? 

I'm on the "maintainers" bench.

I've been sitting here maintaining my 115 lb weight loss for 16 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days.

I'm sitting here waiting for YOU

When will you join me in maintenance? 

Yes, I know exactly how difficult it is to lose weight.  Boy, do I ever know.

Yes, I know it's a lot of work.  Tons of work.  Seriously.

Yes, I know how it takes making good choices each and every day.

But let me tell you, some pretty wonderful things happen out here on the maintainers bench:

I have a closet full of clothes that fit me. Size Small, Petites, and 2's, 4's, 6's that I can't wait to slip into each morning.  I remember when getting dressed and clothes shopping used to be such a chore with my 22/24s.  Not anymore!

I have so much energy now.  I'm not sleeping my life away.  I don't break a sweat climbing a single flight of stairs now. Amazing!

The world is a different place in this new body. My healthy appearance makes some people treat me so differently (better) now that I'm not a fatty.  It's nice not being ignored anymore.

And the best thing about maintenance?  I know that I am taking the best care of my body for a healthy future.

I just know that you can and will get here too.

I'll try to be patient.

But I'm waiting for you...


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    I hope to be on the bench with here shortly. I'm having surgery Wednesday, May 16th. I have about 85lbs to lose, so hopefully with lots of hard work and dedication I can meet you there in 12 months!

  2. All the hard work is definitely worth it in the end. The view from the maintenance bench is spectacular. :)

  3. I think I am about to call maintenance and sit on the bench with you. I am at 163 lbs. (155 lost) and am in a very happy place.

  4. Love, Love this post!
    I've been straddling the bench for quite some time! It feels best when I am sitting squarely on it!!! So, that's where I always aim to be.....right next to you!!! Although, let's face it.....once you get to maintenance, there's not much sitting going on......8-)

  5. Love this! I'm coming!! 20 more to go!!

  6. Love this too! I decided I want to go through your whole blog from the beginning and read it. I act like I'm in maintenance mode and thats whats keeping me from losing and getting to "true" maintenance mode. I have to get in "losing" mode... and out of this corrupt thinking right now.

  7. Love this post - 67 more to go!!!

  8. I'm coming too. Keep waiting for me! :oD

  9. Five more pounds! And I'll be there. It feels good to need to lose five lbs. :)

  10. Five more pounds! And I'll be there. It feels good to need to lose five lbs. :)

  11. I will be there with one day...save me a seat :)

  12. Love it! Hope to join you soon!

  13. I WILL join you, keep it warm for me!

  14. I so want to sit on that bench with you, but alas I know I am not there yet. It feels like I have been on that bench with the last 4 months as I have not lost any weight but have maintained very well. I need to lose more though and soon I will be on that bench with you! Save me a seat?

  15. Girl, you always know what to say! I know humans are egocentric, but I so often feel as if you are talking to me lol Like, you are saying "hey you! yeah YOU, Julie...LISTEN up!" and I love it! I'm telling you I WILL sit on that bench with you, it will be minute so don't leave.... :)

  16. this is one of the greatest things about you girl - you've been in maitenance for SOOO long, but you haven't neglected or forgot about your BOOBS and all of us here that are still fighting the good fight. If I had to pull a imaginary yet somewhat correct statisctic out of my head (LOL) I'd say well over 95% of WLS bloggers POOF and dissappear once they reach goal and are maintaining and living the life they've always dreampt of. But you're still here with us, motivating, inspiring - BEING there. That, to me, is PRICELESS! Thank YOU!!! <3

  17. I'm right there with ya! Isn't it awesome to not have to worry about whether or not both our asses will fit on the bench? LOL

  18. What a lovely post! I would love to join you!

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