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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nothing says a job well done like a firm smack on the ass.

These brave people de-lurked themselves and created their own blogs!

Well done.

Please stop by their blogs and tell 'em that I sent ya:



  1. Thanks for sharing these new bloggers, always nice to add more to the "family". :)

  2. You put a big "fat" (soon to smaller, due to my new lap band :-) smile on my face and actually tears to my eyes, with you adding me to your blog! You were the only blog I read when doing my research on getting my lap band. Kinda came around full circle. Awwwwww...........now, I am REALLY going to have to be witty ;)

    Thanks!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. firm smack on the ass? Have you been reading 50 shades of grey?

  4. Went over to each of them and posted! Thanks for the shouts, always love newbies!

  5. YAY...you are soooo awesome! Thanks so much for sending all these lovelies my way ;)

  6. You are so sweet!!! Thank you for the shout out.. :)

    Now if I can just figure out how to fully utilize the site, I'll be in good shape. I really appreciate your nudge (and challenge) to pay it forward. I'm beginning to realize how helpful blogging about this whole process will be. You are the bombdiggity dot com. :)

  7. Thank you so much. Loved reading new comments on my blog. Great motivation!