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Thursday, September 15, 2011

They Still Fit!

Brrrr! The weather has started getting cooler here in Oregon and this morning I decided to wear long sleeves/pants to work.

And guess what?

My clothes from last year still fit me!

For example, today I am wearing an Ann Taylor (big surprise, right?) long sleeve size SMALL sweater from last Fall/Winter and it fits pretty much the way that it did the last time I wore it.

How different this is from previous years!  I can remember having to go buy new pants/tops every time the weather/season changed because I was too fat to fit into what was available in my closet.

I have maintained my weight loss now for nine months.  Being able to fit into the same clothes from last year with no fears of them being too tight is a huge non-scale victory for me!

PS: Does anyone else's closet look like this?  Mine does.  I have a bunch of tops that are in the Medium/Large range that are too big but I still keep them hanging in the closet.  I wonder why?  Time to purge the closet again.  I don't want any excuses or reasons to get back into those sizes.


  1. I just did this very thing one month before beginning my blog. I wish I had known about the Sisterhood prior to. But now that I do, next time watch out!

    Congrats on the clothes still fitting, I know exactly what you mean about having to buy new each year.

  2. Awesome on the NSV!You have inspired me alot, I enjoy reading your blog so much!xo

  3. I remember having three sizes of clothes in my closet and thinking I might "need them." I was glad I made the decision to get rid of the 12's and 14's so I did not use them as a crutch. You are a pro at this maintenance thing. Keep it up!

  4. I've been really depressed by my plateau lately, but when I read this I realized that my clothes are still smaller than they were a year ago and everything in my closet still fits. That feels pretty darn good. Thanks.

  5. Congrats on the NSV - my closet looks like that but they are all smaller sizes I am waiting to fit in to!! At least now I know I can do it :)

  6. I had 18's, 16, and 14's and now at goal weight I am in a 6

    Life is good :)

  7. I still have my clothes left over from when I lost the 50 pounds in 2007. I just pulled them out the other day and they will make great transition down clothes. I am definately getting rid of my FAT clothes this time, I don't want any reasons to have to go back to them in the future. Glad to see you are Maintaining so well!!

  8. Hahaha! This picture made me laugh, especially because I just sorted my clothes into 10 lb weight categories.

    Congrats on a great NSV!

  9. New to your page and you are quite an inspiration!

  10. I have 12 TUBS of clothes.
    Yeah, I can totally relate!