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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Control Freak, Mt Dew, and a Town Car...

How was your weekend? 

Since maintenance is BORING I don't have much to report, here are some random updates bullet style:
  • Did you know that I haven't written down what I eat for months and months?  Yep.  And I only keep track in my head randomly.  I don't do it every day.  Not keeping track is really scary to this control freak.  I wonder why I stopped?  Have you seen this recent post by Christine over at Phoenix Revolution? As a veteran bandster in maintenance, she's keeping it real and keeping herself accountable.  Do you write down what you eat?

  • I had a taste of Mt Dew this weekend.  I haven't had it for over two years now...and do you know what? It tasted even better than I remember.  But honestly, it did NOT taste good enough to give up my size 4/6 jeans.  It's not a trade off that I'm willing to make. Cookies on the other hand...

  • How many days until I get to see your beautiful smiling face in Chicago?  I treated myself to that town car airport pick up Groupon deal.  So no opportunities for El train adventures and getting lost for me.  Darn.  Those are fun.


  1. I cannot imagine going back to not writing it down. That is what caused me to regain 50+ pounds!!!!!

    I will NEVER make that mistake again!

    Can't wait to see you!

  2. I mentally track now and then, but don't write it down. I haven't tracked since my surgery and am glad that it wasn't necessary for me (I hate tracking!). That said, I admire people who can do this, and am sure that it can be a helpful tool!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

  3. I totally treated myself to a towncar, too. It's going to be fabulous riding in style... I hope.

    Can't wait to see ya and eat some 'za. LOL

  4. I track what I eat... it is the only thing that keeps me accountable! :)

  5. I mean to track...I used to be the poster girl for tracking. The problem is, since my cruise I have gotten off track of well...tracking. :) I pretty much eat the exact same thing every day and I know from months of tracking that I'm around 900 - 1100 calories per day. I have been trying to get back on track though the last several days of tracking again. I believe it's a very good way for me to remain accountable.

  6. I am weigh (pun intended) too early in the game not to track. I wonder what I'll be like in two years when I'm at goal ... hmm .. that's kind of fun to think about. You can also tell us about your fur-child ... :)

  7. I totally treated myself to the car service! I drink a pop occasionally, and I have such a hard time finishing off one because of how sweet it is! I don't remember it being so GROSS before!

  8. I track track track or else I fail

  9. I track in my head every day, but I don't write it down everyday like I used to. I tracked for so long (YEARS and YEARS) that I can really do it unconsciously. Still, I find it helpful to write it down from time to time, just to make sure that my guesstimations are on-point. I find it equally important to MEASURE and WEIGH the food...otherwise your guesstimations on calories can be way off!