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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are You a Tetris Bad Ass? I Need Your Help...

Did you happen to eat a entire pint of vanilla ice cream with six large chocolate chip cookies last night for dinner? 
No?  Ummm...me either.

Have you made THREE separate spreadsheets that include a packing list and two other crazy to-do checklists before you leave for Chicago? 
No? Oh, me either.

Are you debating on whether to bring five pairs of heels to Chicago?
No? Me either.

Do you feel that you will need to be the best Tetris player EVER to fit all the crap that you want to take to Chicago to fit into your teeny tiny carry-on suitcase?
No? Me either.


  1. Yes on all but the first one. LOL

  2. yup..some of that :) My ice cream problems were last week. Spreadsheets!! goodness I am not that organized. But I am worried about how I am going to fit it all in. and there are at least two pairs of heels and tennis shoes and sandals (I can dream it will be warm can't I?)...Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing you again.


  3. I gave up on carry on suitcases long ago. It's just easier to pay the $25 and bring what I need. :(

  4. Yikes... I'm paying to bring a box of clothes for the swap so I have to fit all of my clothes in my carry-on. My problem is I have no clue what to bring. I have plenty of clothes, I'm just indecisive (plus I need shoes!).