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Monday, April 4, 2011

To Fluoro or Not To Fluoro

Today I got to see my band under fluoroscopy.  It's pretty cool.  Since I've never PB'd or anything close to it, I sometimes wonder...is there really a band in there? 

There were two primary reasons why I wanted a fluoroscopy:
  • I've been having some upper left abdominal/stomach pain lately when I eat too much...like 2+ cups of food.  (I know...tsk...tsk!)
  • It's been over a year since my last fluoroscopy.  Last March I posted about it HERE.  I wanted to check-in and see how my band was doing in there.  Over at BandedWendy's YouTube site, Wendy has advised that her surgeon is a bandster himself and he insists that his patients do a once a year flouro. 
Well...here are the results of the fluoro:
  • Everything looked "perfect" according to my surgeon.  Band placement is exactly where it should be.
  • My self-diagnosis: I should quit stuffing my pie hole with so much food. (duh)
My question for you is: does your surgeon require you to do a fluoro once a year?  Or maybe only to access your port (if it's tough to access)?  Enquiring minds want to know.

PS: Jazzercise tonight


  1. My surgeon has never mentioned a fluoro. But now methinks I will ask him about it at my next appointment.

    Glad all is well with you!

  2. I have never had a fluoro and there's never been mention of it. I asked once, he said only if I was having problems. My port is really easy to find and I've never had any issues. On another note....NO PB's EVER? How can that be?

  3. Yeah, I've never had a fluoro either, and it has not been mentioned.

  4. Wow--my surgeon does EVERY fill under flouro. The only time he's ever accessed the port without it was for an emergency unfill. It really is cool to watch.

  5. No, never a fluoro and never mentioned. I cannot believe you never PB'd. I am convinced there is a wide range of experiences with the band - for sure some have an easier time, others really struggle. Why is it so different?

    Glad your band is perfect!!!

  6. I had one at my one week post op and we are required to have one once a year. I don't get fills with it though.

    I also CANNOT believe that you have never PBed - that, along with your AWESOME weight loss, is amazing. I PB more than I don't when I have my period.

  7. I had my first fill without fluoro today...the first two fills were with but my surgeon said that my port is super easy to find and it wouldn't be necessary anymore. I guess he was right because his PAC who had never filled me before got it on the first try today...Dr. H wasn't even that good with the fluoro.

    I couldn't see much on the fluoro when they did it though...really just the stiches around the port. I don't know if it will be required once a year...I'm only 4 months in so far.

    Molly, I found my "green zone" for the week prior and the week of my period last month...but once it was gone, most of my restriction went away, too. I guess hormones really do affect tightness on me.

  8. my surgeon does very heavy patients or those he manages but didn't band under fluoro.... or if there's a problem and he suspects dilated pouch or something like that.... otherwise no... and since i don't fit any of these criteria i've never gotten to see mine... you see... i am convinced he put mine around my throat and not my stomach because that's where i get the stuck feeling when it happens!

  9. Mine recommends a flouro once a year but I haven't ever done it... my surgeon is in Mexico so I need to book me a nice vaca and then I will get it done :)

  10. All my fills are under the fluoro and they check the band placement each time. It gives me a lot of comfort.

  11. if it weren't for this blog community I would never have heard of flouroscopy. I'm still not completely sure what it even it - though there's enough context that I have a good idea.

  12. Hey read :) they make you swallow some nice chalky liquid (makes me gag like crazy) and then they make me roll around on a narrow table. Then they tilt the table up and down (like I am on a forklift) so that my pouch gets coated nicely with the flouro liquid.

    I had this once 24 hours after post op. I had it again twice when my port twisted and then a third time after the port repair surgery. I then had it a fourth time at my one year mark. I am now going on year three and have not had another.

    I have to say I was thinking of asking for one lately though because the nature of my pouch seems to have changed quite a bit lately. I get acid indigestion but can eat almost anything again...it is a bit worrisome for me.


  13. Have never had mention of a fluro at any stagefor me. Good to hear you are all good though :)

  14. The only time I had flouro was when I needed a stat unfill by a interventional radiologist (before a surgery). It was pretty cool to see it. My original surgeon had us do a barium swallow after each fill, but she did the actual fill blind.

  15. Woohoo for no PB's! I've never done it either. (Then again, I'm only 3 months out! lol)

    I've never been told I need a fill under flouro ever, either. I guess it's just a surgeon's preference. Seems like a nice precautionary measure anyhow. :)

  16. I've never had a flouro or PB (whoo-hoo for that one). My doctor told a friend of mine when she asked for one "no," but you know my doctor is a donkey.

  17. My fill center only uses Fluoro. I love it and it helps me visually see what is going on in there.

  18. Yeah I get one every time I have ever had an adjustment.

  19. We use floro every adjustment and i LIKE it. I get to see the adjustment in progress.

    Are you sure it's not your port hurting you? When the weight comes off the and the padding around the port decreases it can get sensitive. I sleep on my side and started noticing it digging in after I lost about 100 pounds.


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