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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flying = Eating

I'm not sure if I have ever shared with you that I'm a traveler..have been since a very young age.

I've climbed inside the pyramids in Egypt.

I've camped out for weeks at a time in deepest, darkest Africa.

I've seen the worshippers pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

All of these trips began in an airport and then of course on airplanes.

From as early as I can remember, flying meant treats, candy, and snacks. You know, those special treats that you don't usually have. I can still taste the M&Ms and red vines licorice given to me at the age of 3 or 4 waiting for our flight from Miami to Denver to see Grandma. To keep me occupied? Probably.

I remember thinking, "wow, this flying thing is pretty fun, we get candy!" Then on the plane, the nice flight attendant lady would bring snacks, coke, and treats...and so began a 30 year food association with flying. I remember traveling as a college student and continuing this behavior with buying candy "for the trip" or planning what snacks I would "get" to have.

I often see parents on flights using goldfish crackers, cheerios, etc to keep their kids quiet and busy. Would I do the same? Probably. A parent's sanity is important.

This is one of the last disordered food behaviors that I've been working on. I have heard from some of you that you also struggle with these situational food associations. Example: eating popcorn at the movies...because that's just what you do at the movies...duh!

I'm proud to say that as I sit here in the airport waiting for my next flight, I am enjoying a protein shake and have a protein bar in my purse just in case I get hungry later.

No licorice. No treats. Just healthy choices.

PS: small NSV (non scale victory) to report! I can cross my legs while sitting in an airplane seat with over a foot of seatbelt to spare around my waist!

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  1. it is so true! We all have things that we just eat while doing. Congrats on the legs and the belt! I can't wait until I don't need the extention.

  2. I'm usually pretty good for flights, but any car trips over an hour or two means treats. My parents always did the snack thing when we traveled. I'm trying not to do the same thing with my kids. I don't want car to equal snacks or drive thru meals! Congrats on your NSV!

  3. Hang on didnt you just get home? :) I Love love love flying and traveling. For some reason it isn't the plane that gets me into trouble. I have band issues on planes now as well but the car...road trips are hard with the candy and snack at gas station stops.


  4. Congratulations on the leg crossing!! I cannot wait to get there too. Flying is always a chore for me because of my size and the seat size and the seat belts etc. I cannot wait for flying to be a nicer experience again.

  5. We travel a lot but mostly by car and the gas stops usually entail reasoning with myself not to buy any of the junk they sell. Occasionally, I'll get a Tootsie pop and a diet soda as those last a long time and do no damage to my day. I would love to see the places you have seen. :)

  6. If only I just kept my treat eating to times when I was traveling.

    Have a great trip!

  7. Yes, I always looked forward to buying and eating chocolate covered raisins while waiting to board the plane!

    I must say though that since the band, I don't eat anything as I don't want to experience any getting stuck problems should my band decide to tighten up so that keeps me honest.

    That's a great NSV !

  8. And they used to feed us on the planes! As a world traveler when I was young also I totally remembering all they would bring you to eat on top of what was in the bag! Have a safe trip!

  9. Dose this trip have any thing to do with your suprise on Friday? Come on give use a hint.
    crossing your legs on the plane is big NSV.
    Happy Trails.

  10. What a milestone it is to FIT in the seats without the embarrasment of asking for that "extra" seatbelt! I loved it....well done!

  11. Good for you! I totally associate flying with eating. The old me must have a snack during every layover. Gotta have some ice cream. And it is essential to have something delicious to munch during the flight. Movies = popcorn. (I have been to TWO movies in the last 2 weeks and not had popcorn. That was hard.) Concerts or sporting events = nachos and soda. Completing an exam = ice cream. It's hard to change these habits, isn't it? But so worth it. Have a wonderful trip and I can't wait to hear all about it!