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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Below Goal Again...and Some News!

That weight gain of 6 lbs was weird.  After a few days of eating healthily and drinking tons of water, I was at 144 lbs this morning, below my goal of 145 lbs.  Perhaps it was some water retention from all the salty foods that I ate on the cruise?

Anywhoozle, my jeans still zip up and overall, that's what's important. I went to Kohls yesterday and I still fit into size 6 petite slacks.

No, the Weight-Gain Fairy did not get a chance to waive her magic wand over me last night while I slept and make me 256 lbs again....hopefully never. I have my cat on lookout duty though :) It's an important job for a kitty...however I'm not sure how seriously she is taking her new job as watchcat:

Lastly, I am embarking on a new and exciting chapter with my blog and it's purpose in the blogosphere.  I can't really tell you much right now but I will tell you all about it on Friday.  Can you wait that long?  I hope so.


  1. Your such a tease!! LOL Glad your back under goal. You may need to hire another watchcat...the one you have is not interested. LOL

  2. So happy for you that it probably was just sodium related.

    Love your kitty. Is she a himalayan? She's beautiful.

    Oooh cliff hangers!! Hate/love them! As Dr. Frank from Rocky Horror said, "The Antici..........Pation!"

  3. I figured that the gain was from the salt. From what I have heard (I am a cruise junkie as well as a theme park junkie! lol), they take in salt water, distill it and use that as the drinking, cooking and everything else water. They get most of the salt out of it, but there are still trace amounts in it. The last cruise I went on, I retained water because of all the salt too. So glad you are back down and I cant wait to see what you have in store on Friday.

  4. Your cat is really cute and no I can't wait until friday!

  5. Humm, What are you up to?
    I have 2 cats and I am going to but them on patrol ASAP!
    Glad you had a good time on your trip, or at least good food, HeeHe. And glad that 6 lbs are gone.

  6. I had a feeling that's all it was. Every time I fly I have a good 5-7 pounds of travel bloat that disappears within a couple of days.

    I'm sooo excited to hear all about your secret news! ;-)

  7. ::::::::chewing nails:::::::::: hope they don't have calories (or get stuck in my band!)

  8. Oh so exciting - can't wait!

  9. I can wait.... but I don't like doing that :o)

    You kitty cat is soooo cute :o)

  10. Somehow I just knew it would come right off. Great job!

  11. Glad your gain was a false alarm! Your kitty is sooooo cute!