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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back To Reality

Here I am, sitting in the Ft Lauderdale airport waiting for my flight. I'm thinking about what a fun time I had on the cruise. I'm also wondering how much weight I gained in the last week. I will be doing a special Sunday weigh-in tomorrow morning with photos from the cruise...maybe even a swimsuit pic! Yikes!

So, the question is....how much weight did I gain this week? Things to consider in your guess:

-I ate at least 5 large peanut butter cookies each day.

-I had dessert at every meal.

-I had some cocktails.

-I Zumba'd 3 times on the ship! Here's proof:

How much weight have I gained?

My guess is 6+ lbs.

Tomorrow's weigh-in will be eye opening.

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  1. I can't even begin to guess, but it will be interesting to find out! I can tell you that my 48 hours of being off track the weekend you were here I gained nearly 4 pounds...and I still haven't made it below 200! I'm beginning to think "cheating" isn't worth it. Who knew?

  2. I can easily gain a pound a day when I get over in "never never" land. Here's hoping you recover quickly and no harm done. Looking forward to pics. :)

  3. I think that vacations are part of life. I think that getting back to reality will see those pounds coming back off and you will have some lovely memories, tastes and sensations to remember. Enjoy and don't stress about the pounds that may or may not have come.

  4. Um... here is the thing. You look fantastic.
    Second, did you have a good time. Cause memories out weigh anything the scale tells you.
    Third, vacations are meant to be a break from life, now that you are heading back, back to drill and discipline.. don't fret about the scale, just acknowledge it and say OK, now back to the grind of the routine.. glad you are home safe and sound.. remember memories.. thats all that counts in life..

  5. Honey, who care how much you "might" have gained! You had a good time with your family and you deserved this vacation and dessert! I'm impressed you were able to do Zumba on the ship! Way to go!

  6. You're amazing, and the whole trip was worth it. You are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, so no matter if there was weight gain or not, you'll be posting Workout Wednesdays this week to better your health. Be proud! :)