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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How I Get My Lap-Band to Feel Tighter Without an Adjustment Appointment

Yep, this trick only took me about a year and half to figure out.

I can be super slow on the uptake sometimes.

I have discovered FIVE things that make my band FEEL tighter:

  • Stormy and rainy weather (AKA Low Barometric Pressure)
  • Mental stress (work drama, life drama, etc)
  • Too-tight sports bra.
  • Aunt Flo
  • Sinus / seasonal allergies

Since I can't control the weather. Which would be awesome by the way.

And I can't control the occasional life stress that comes into my life.

What do I do when my band feels loose and can't or don't want to get a Lap-Band adjustment appointment?

I stop taking my allergy medication!

A no brainer, right?

I usually take a Claritin each night.

But after not taking my Claritin for about two or three nights, bam! I wake up with what I would like to equate to approximately .2-.3 cc fill.  But without a adjustment!

No needles.

No making an appointment.

No taking time off of work for said appointment.

No 24 hrs of full liquids after said appointment.
By the way: an adjustment hurts WAY LESS than a eye brow wax.
I may be a tiny bit more sneezy but it's not that noticeable and is totally worth the extra restriction.

The best part? My hunger is reduced dramatically.

Is there something that makes your band feel tighter? Tell me:


  1. hot weather! I live in Phoenix.

  2. For me TOM and Stress clamp me up like nobodies business. : )
    I cannot really control those things though - so I don't really do anything to make it tighter, I've actually been at a great restriction level for a long time now. I didn't even have an adjustment the last two visits and since apparently I have to pay for my office visits now (thank you new insurance which wasn't supposed to CHANGE by the way...oops sorry this is your blog not mine!) I will be cancelling my January appointment because I don't need them right now. : )

  3. I could stand to be a little tighter but no rain here, no more TOMS for me either! Darn! lol

    You always have interesting subjects!


  4. My list is very similar: TOM, colds, and the Prozac I used to be on did as well. No more Prozac so that one is gone, I have been healthy lately-so not control there and I just went back on Birth control (menopause bites) so I am a touch worried that I won't get that roller coaster tightening and loosening that I get with my monthly cycles. Of course this leaves the one that I should have used all along but haven't been nearly good enough at doing:

    Exercise!!! If i get up and get on my bike or jog or walk briskly I get a little tight boost.

    Is it warmer in Cali than it was in Oregon? I am jealous if it is! we have had one solid sheet of rain for weeks interspersed with snow.

  5. No band, BUT I can feel my sleeve working instantly when I eat dense protein. Slider crap is just that...crap. WHen I don't eat crap I KNOW when I'm full! :-)

  6. TOM and definitely tight sports bras (I thought I was just weird and it was in my head.)

  7. Ah! That picture looks awful! And the funny thing is, I am a phlebotomist and poke people with needles for a living. Lol.

    That picture is the reason I haven't even considered the Lap Band. Haha. I'm a wuss. I'm opting instead for VSG.

    New follower!

  8. My list has similarities-- though I sometimes have trouble believing my body.
    I do think that 'TOM' does cause a pre-period LOOSENING, followed by a serious clamp down-- which, if I am not watching for it, causes me drama and stupidity and band issues for a day until I get myself back together.

    Stress, Fo' sho' brings tightness.
    And drinking alcohol loosens up a tight band.
    I have also recently found that taking ibuprofen with care (200 to 400 mg with applesauce or milk, preferably crushed for minimal esophogeal bother) is a good thing if overtight.

    And wow: what a production for your fill-- I recall seeing that picture before! In my practice, they just use a little alcohol swab and it seems like a smaller needle too... any who...

  9. I had issues going on at the time and did actually felt my band got tighter. I did have a problem with eating and even with liquids to pass down. I did lose an extra 20 pounds. To resolve the issue I ended up making adjustments appointment to take out some liquids. I wasn't aware as well either about being sick and having issues could make your band tighter.
    Well I ended up taking out 2 cc. Now I have to go back next month and put another CC inside. Because I feel I did the mistake of taking it out.
    If only I could of just cleared my mind of my problems I think I would have been okay...And to top it off of course aunt flow had to visit at the time as well

  10. A hard workout! I've just started C25K and I CANNOT eat after a run!

  11. Started doing yoga about 3 weeks ago. I was googling to see if exercise could cause my band to feel tighter and found this link. I guess I got my answer. Debating on getting some taken out of my band. I don't like only being able to eat a few bites of food. It makes my band full but not my stomach. I feel hungry again in a couple of hours because I can't get food down. Any suggestions?