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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Many Days?

...the Wii Fit told me last night that I've been using the Wii for 1,041 days now.

When I first got my Wii Fit, it used to makes this really sad noise.  Kinda like "Wah-wah" (like the Debbie Downer noise) and tell me that my weight was "obese."

Then when I lost some weight, it sadly told me that I was "overweight".

Kinda a shameful experience.

But, since I reached my goal weight, it's COMPLETELY different.

It now claps, jumps up and down, and shouts, "THAT'S NORMAL!"

I've come along way with my Wii!

I'm patiently waiting for Jazzercise for the Wii.

Will you please invent it?


  1. Nice Mii hair! ;) Awesome on the wii...I have trouble getting into it and have several fitness programs. I just can't connect. Maybe it's the wah-wah when I step on??

  2. Hum, that makes me want to break out the wii fit and hula hoop

  3. Side note here- My Mii is rocking that curly mullet as well. Why do us curly girls have either that option or an afro?!?

  4. Hmm, I'm with Terrie, wondering how long it's really been since I broke out my wii fit! Now that I'm into Zumba, Curves, and beginning to run a bit, I also wonder what the "Step Aerobics" will feel like - too easy? (I would hope!)

    I was pretty solid on the yoga and the meditation, though - that darn moth never distracts me :)

  5. I'm really curious about the Jazzercise DVD's although I know for sure that I do better in a class than I do at home. I've watched my daughters play with the Wii doing bowling and tennis and golf. I've never tried it. :)

  6. Ack! My Wii makes the same noise at me! And she looks down at herself like she's horrified. Cracks me up in a really sad way.