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Monday, December 3, 2012

What Happened This Weekend?

Other than enjoying delicious hot apple cider at a local farm and a chilly holiday hay ride through the apple orchard with friends:

I did something that I've done every Sunday night for about two to three years.


Each and every Sunday night I cut up a rotisserie chicken and portion it out into 3 oz. portions.

I know, what an exciting evening.

I do this because I have no time during the week to cook and I can throw a chicken portion into a quick cheese sauce (a recipe for another day) or on to a salad at work during my lunch hour.

This prep that I do on Sunday nights (which also includes hard-boiling eggs and I'm not going to show you boiling eggs 'cuz that boring) help me stay on track during the week with my food choices.

Without further delay...here's the photo montage of what happens in my kitchen each and every Sunday:
Cooked chicken bought from my local hippy-skippy grocery store.
Organic. Free-Range.
This chicken probably enjoyed some PBS cable TV
before it's death. No doubt.

Hack it up.
Chop it up.

Whipped out the food scale and my little food containers
(that I buy at Smart 'N Final)

Weigh-it out. I do 3 oz. portions.

Put on the lids and label those bad boys.

Into the fridge.
This entire process takes me about 5-6 minutes when I get home from the grocery store.

These portions last me until about Wednesday. Probably one a day.

That reminds me...do you know Karla over at "Daily Thoughts"?

She rocks some pretty awesome preparation with her food and cooking. Please go say hi to KarlaShe is always inspiring me with her dedication to preparing her portions and meals.

Do you have a routine that you follow with your food prep during the week that helps you in making good food choices?

Tell me about it. I wanna know.


  1. I *so* need to get better about this. Oh, who am I kidding? "Get better" implies that I do it in the first place. LOL. I *so* need to START doing this.

  2. I go through fits and starts with this. I really want to do better with meal planning. I find that it goes better in the winter when I don't mind being in the kitchen. I tend to make a big pot of chili or some hearty soup and portion it out for the week, as well as freeze some for those nights when I don't feel like cooking.
    It's always my goal to be better at this!

  3. You are so awesome. : ) Thanks for the idea because I love rotisserie chicken and this would help those lunch blahs I've been getting lately.

  4. lol! I love to do that too!

  5. oh thank you for the shout out!!

  6. That is a great idea. When I have time I go to Whold Foods and get the grilled chicken (and sometimes the parmesan fingers) and portion them out. It gets expensive there really fast.