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Friday, December 7, 2012

Weigh-in Day & I'm Not Afraid Anymore

Goal weight: 145 lbs

Today's weight:  140.8 lbs

What am I not afraid of anymore?

Wearing horizontal stripes.

As a fatty, I NEVER wore anything with horizontal stripes because I thought that the stripes made me look fatter.  

Well, I can tell ya, I fear no more!
Now that you've lost weight, what are you no longer afraid of?  Tell me:


  1. I still feel stuck in the middle, having lost 70 pounds with another fifty or so to go. But I am no longer afraid to sit in chairs. Stairs don't frighten me, airplane trips have lost that fear of the seatbelt not latching around me thing, and I am no longer afraid that when there is something yummy in the house that I won't get some. In fact, I hope it gets all eaten quickly.

    You look amazing in your stripes! Congratulations!!


  2. You look great! I am no longer afraid of airplane seats. In fact, I want to invent a trip just to sit in one. I am also not afraid of going up stairs any more. Ironically, though, I am afraid of going down them because it makes my knees hurt. Happy Holidays!

  3. You look great, and I *love* that shirt!

  4. I'm no longer afraid of color, before I would wear mostly black becasue it's supposed to be slimming. Now I wear any and every color I can find. I'm not afraid of taking the stairs, or walking and someone seeing me and thinking (gross, look at her). I have lost 50 lbs so far, and have 45 more to go. I can't wait to see what i'm not afraid of next!

  5. LOL! I have horizontal stripes on today too! (Cute sweater, BTW!)

    I'm no longer afraid of corduroy, white pants and bathing suits. WOO-HOO!!

  6. I got brave and wore horizontal stripes not long ago.

    Great weigh in....below goal.


  7. As always....you look darling! I am no longer afraid of being invited somewhere special or having to attend business function for my husband and not having anything to wear. Before my Lapband, the first thing I thought of when we received an invitation or my husband told me of an event that he wanted me to attend was: WHAT WILL I WEAR/NOTHING FITS ME! Then, I'd have a major melt-down for days and days and days....
    Now, my first thought is...WHAT WILL I WEAR/THERE'S SO MUCH TO PICK FROM!
    Yeah, being fearless is good.
    Thanks for always making me recall these important things!

  8. The shirt or sweater is stunning. Love it. You look great. No fear. :)

  9. looking good!! I still cant wear them. I put them on..I take them off..I put them back. I have changed a lot. Skirts, boots..leggings, layered Tshirts. All things I would/could not wear BB (before band) but stripes. I will never feel comfortable in them I guess.

  10. Love it! You look great.
    I have no answer right now-- I have been in too much flux of late...

  11. Gosh you look fantastic lady. Seriously! I'm not longer afraid of stairs, or keeping up with coworkers when we walk to a restaurant at lunch even when there is a hill or something involved. I don't even think about them anymore. I'm also well...afraid isn't the word...but less worried about my bod during adult moments with hubby. : )

  12. I no longer fear being in photos. Such a relief. I also no longer fear looking at myself in photos. The mental/ emotional stuff is worth the work to keep the weight off.

    Love that color on you!!!

  13. social gatherings I used to STRESS out, not anymore :)

  14. It would have to be tucking my shirt in. That was the one thing i would just not do with a tshirt. Now its the norm :)