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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Conversation That Never Would Have Happened Before My Lap-Band Surgery

A coworker cruised past my office door today and said to me, "Every time I pass by your desk, you're always drinking water!"

My not-so-delicate-shoot-from-the-hip instant response, "'Cuz if I don't, I feel like crap."

She nodded in agreement.

...and then we had a convo about how drinking water makes her feel better too.

Then we wondered and discussed how many people are probably walking around in life feeling like crap and don't know it and think it's normal to feel so DEhydrated?

But I remember those dehydration headaches very clearly!

I also remember how sluggish and blah I used to feel.

My goal for water drinkin' is 90+ ounces each day.

That's not including my usual coffees or milks or protein shakes.

I try to remember to fill up my 30 ounce water bottle three times a day.

I've finally kicked the disposable plastic water bottle AND Propel Zero habit.

My teeth and the environment say thank you.

Do you have any tricks or tips to getting in your water each day?  Tell me:


  1. I drink like a fish! Have you ever left your water some place in the office and then have to go finding it in a panic. Happens to me and every knows that look. "what michelle...did you lose you water again?". Sometimes I think some may take it for entertainment. "JERKS"!

    1. HAHAHAHA I sooooo wish I worked with you! :)

  2. I drknk one glass before I shower in the morning and then another before I go to the car. In the car I try to drink a 24 oz bottle. When I get to work I fill up my 24 oz bottle 4 times. The 4th time is for my ride home. Anything extra is just icing on the cake.

  3. Oy...this is where I STRUGGGGLE. Granted it has become easier to get some water in since my un-fill. Still, if I manage to finish my 32oz bottle in a day, I consider that a great success. I'll definitely be checking in to see what tricks and tips others provide. *pulls up a chair*

  4. I live in Colorado, and I started drinking lots of water many years ago when I read that it can help with altitude sickness--a problem I was having on hikes that went higher than 12,000 or so feet. I learned that it does help with that and, as you said, with just feeling better on a daily basis. It's a little trickier now that I can't drink with meals, but I am managing to squeeze it all in.

    I've been following your blog and am impressed by your success story. Thanks for following mine, and for the compliment!

  5. Hi there!
    I did a post of the very same thing recently! Typically, I do drink quite a bit of water but had a very hectic day and just never got around to drinking it! In my blog post, I described just how it affected me. So, drinking is GOOD!!!!

  6. i set out 5 individual bottles of water every morning and they are there to remind me to NOT wait until after 6 to drink them....if i don't want to be up all night peeing! i know, a LOT of waste in plastic, but it is so much easier to carry that size around or take with me than the huge refillable one i have.
    My boys will have thier water bottles set on the counter and at night even make sure they have a bottle next to thier beds because they even wake up to drink it!
    I am so glad to be showing by example and not just telling them what they NEED to do when i wasn't even doing it myself!

  7. I have a 25 oz cup at my desk that I fill up 3 times while at work, once in the morning, once at lunch and once in the afternoon. I make sure all 3 of those are gone before I leave for the day. Then I try to get in a 32 oz while i'm at home but sometimes it's only 20. I definitely try to get most of it in during the work day because that keeps me structured.

  8. I struggle so much with getting in water! It's on my list of things I really need to get some sort of new habit going.

  9. Hi! When I've already determined that I'm not going to be eating for a certain amount of upcoming hours, then lots of water and mint chewing gum become very popular items!

    :-) Marion

  10. I'm ready to kick the plastic bottle habit too. Still doing it right now though. I do drink an entire 16 oz bottle right after my workout in the AM and then I just get one more in before lunch and 2 after lunch. One or two in the evening and I'm good! Interesting topic today!

  11. I have a 25 oz cup on my desk with a lid and a straw. I fill it up the minute I get to work; sometimes I add MiO Energy or Lemonade flavoring, but not always. I fill it up at least twice before lunch, again at lunch, and twice more before I leave work. I get so dry-mouthed if I don't drink enough water.

  12. It's weird...some days I drink TONS of water and other days I'm lucky to get in one 16.9 oz bottle. Thank you for the pep talk...I needed it...back to water!!! :)

    1. In fact... I think I have that headache you mentioned right.frikken.now.

  13. Water is important for me because it often effects the tightness or looseness of my band. If I have an episode of being extremely tight I can often connect it to inadequate water intake.

  14. omg yes! Dehydration is like the key to soooo many people's problems. My mom used to go ALL DAY without drinking an ounce and she had horrible leg problems, depression, back problems, sleeping problems, etc.

    I'm with you I try to get in around 100 oz a day. I fill up my steel bottle about 4 times.

    One trick for me, because I have a 20 min commute is drink one entire bottle before I get to work. Then I time it throughout the day. Another before lunch, another before 3pm break and finally the last before I go home/or on my way home. Anything additional is bonus baby!!