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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Reminder For Me...

I am putting this video up as a reminder to myself that patient compliance is SO important with a gastric band.

The next time I want to stuff myself silly with cookies, cake, or whatever food is available at the moment, I need to think of this video. (warning: it's kind of graphic)

PS: This is a REALIZE band, not a Lap Band shown in this video.


  1. Thanks for the reminder!
    Sometimes it's better these things are graphic - you take them more seriously.

  2. Well, the still pic was enough for me. I will not be hitting play... but thanks for the reminder!

  3. Thank you ~ I really needed to see this today...

  4. Ugh, that makes me wanna cry. :(

  5. I like the patient cooperation comment. Thanks for the share... and the reminder!

  6. Wow...that is such a great video. Not the content of course, I feel bad the patient wasn't compliant and ended up losing the band. I never want to lose mine or even have any kind of repair. *knock wood* Thanks for this.

  7. Thanks for the reminder - that is very motivating!

  8. Thanks for the reminder! Definitely don't want to go through that!


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