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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have You Had Complications With Your Lap Band?

It's one of my biggest fears:  losing my Lap Band.

I received an email the other day from Nicole who has lost 86 lbs and is about 10 months post-op.

In her email, she told me about how her band has eroded and she will soon have surgery to get it removed.

Here's part of that email (she said I could repost it here):

"...I’ve had my lapband since December and like you am in love with it. It was the best decision I have ever made. I’ve lost 86 lbs since December.
Today I found out that I have to have my band completely removed. The complication of erosion which happens in less than 2% of people is happening to me. I am devastated and scared to death to gain the weight back.
Have you had any such complication or know of anyone who has?
Thanks so much!"

Nicole is asking for advice from anyone who has had this complication or can provide any feedback.

Please stop by her blog and read the last two posts.  She could really use some BOOBs love and support.



  1. You are so kind to get involved and HELP people ... you make me want to be a better bandster (as soon as I get it figured out for myself). Happy Sunday !

  2. I would hate if I had a complication. My coworker had her band slip and when they went into put her second one in they left a piece of plastic in her and it migrated to her bladder. She ended up having surgery for a third time. She has had one complication after another, poor thing. I hope all works out for Nicole.

  3. Wow, how scary! I hope someone is able to give her some advice and walk through this with her. :/