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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are You Addicted To Losing Weight?

As a card-carrying member of the Scale Whore Society, there's something to be said about that rush that I used to get when I would stand on the scale for my official Friday weigh-ins. 

I would get to compare my prior week's weight with my current weight. 

It was kinda fun. 

It was something exciting to announce to you each week.

I could add new data to my spreadsheet and update my lovely ticker at the top of this page. 

I can still remember to this day how exciting it was to wake up on Christmas morning of 2009 (a Friday, of course) and see an official 40 pound loss.  Merry Christmas to me...right?

I think I was addicted to the idea of losing weight.  Maybe that's why I lost the weight so fast? I sometimes look back on my 115+ lb loss and ask myself how did I do that?

Do you watch "The Biggest Loser"?  I've been known to record that TV show and fast forward to the 15 minute segment where they show each contestant weighing in.  That's my favorite.  Sometimes I only watch that part.  I already know what they're doing do achieve that weight loss so there's no need to watch the rest of the show.  We all know that they are eating less and moving more while sneaking in shameless promotional plugs for ziploc bags or sugar-free gum.

During the weigh-ins, there are usually HUGE losses for the contestants to cry tears of joy over.  There are words of encouragement from their team members as they approach the scale.  Once the weight is revealed, everyone claps.  They cheer.  They jump up and down.  They hug.  They are congratulated by their trainers.  As you know, the contestants fate of how long they will remain on the show is often determined by their weigh-ins.  That's exciting.  That's life changing.

Fast forward to my Friday weigh-ins now at ten months into maintenance.  There is no spreadsheet to update.  The ticker barely moves.  There is no excitement.  I can assure you that my cat Pemberley does not jump up and down while giving me high-fives.  It's just a boring Friday weigh-in. 

I guess that's why there isn't a TV show called "The Biggest Maintainer".  I could really kick some ass as a contestant on a show like that.  Just sayin'.

See you tomorrow for the official Friday weigh-in...and just perhaps I will get down with my bad self doin' some scale happy dancin' of my own.


  1. I love seeing that scale drop I know that maintaining is the ultimate goal but thas going to be hard after so long of trying to lose.

  2. The weight loss IS exciting. It is clear, definable progress. However, for so many of us, the victory isn't in the losing the weight (we have all done it over and over and over again) the victory is in the maintaining. The maintenance IS the success. (Let's look at how many of the Biggest Loser contestants ended up gaining their weight back.) Maybe there should be a show called "The Biggest Maintainer" because when it is all said and done sometimes that is the biggest challenge of them all.

  3. I do the same thing... Record the BL and then fast forward to weigh ins... Glad I am not the only one who does that.

    While Maintaining your weight isnt as exciting as loosing the weight... You should still do a scale dance every week for staying healthy! Just saying :)

  4. The Biggest Maintainer...I would watch that show. I will admit to being a bit nervous about that part of this journey...it's one of the reasons that I love reading blogs by those of you who are in that stage!

  5. Yep - gotta agree with Vicky on this one, you and a few others like you, are the biggest reason I know that I can succeed. I can see the proof of my mentors that achieved their loss and are maintaining that loss and know that someday I'll be in your club and hopefully offering nuggets to inspire newbie bandsters. The biggest maintainer...while it may not be a glamorous show filled with tears etc...it should be a show still filled with weekly high fives and celebration. It's a reminder each week of how awesome you are. If it offers you any additional incentive...I absolutely look forward to your weigh ins each week. It's a nother tick that yep - you are doing it and I can too. /love

  6. Yup--I feel your pain. Now it is a game of making sure it doesn't go up and that is all.

  7. I think The Biggest Maintainer would be much more of a show! I admire where your at right now!!! Great post!

  8. Seriously, someone should do a documentary on people who are maintaining successfully. I could have been a candidate except for my two year lapse after six years of successfully staying at goal. Let's call Morgan Spurlock and see if he is interested. :)

  9. I think maintaining is the KEY to this whole journey. Sure you have to get there first I get that, but what you are doing is truly amazing! That is where the rub is, this is so important, even far more than the losing I think. We all have lost weight before. It is KEEPING it off that we have struggled with, perhaps the corner has been turned.

    Your future is just that, you getting on the scale and everything being the same.

    What a concept that is huh?

    Love you

  10. I agree with Kelly ... now THAT would be a show !! I don't watch BL because the 20 lb loss in a week is crazy. Maintaining IS the success (said AJ) ... and you're doing it. :)

  11. OMG!!! So. Fucking. True!!! I'm right with ya, lady!!

  12. Um, so all we need to do is to teach Pemberly to jump up and down and give high-fives! I'm on it!

  13. Weight loss can be addictive as it is a reward for doing all the right things (I think a rush of serotonin occurs too :)). But so is being able to kick the ball farther or lasting an extra 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Oh and who can turn down looking fabulous in this season's over the knee style boots while wearing leggings? Transfer your "thrill" to other goals and you will be constantly rewarded with each and every step.
    Plus - remember to jump up everyday for the goal of maintaining. That is where the hard part of weight loss lies. oxox!

  14. I like being able to quantify my progress. After so many years of avoiding the scale and just trying to squeeze into my jeans, it is great when I can see that my work is paying off both on and off the scale. This week I have gained even though I am working out every day- a bit bummed, but I know the scale will rebound at some point.

  15. I've always been able to lose weight, however, I've NEVER been able to MAINTAIN the weight lost...so yep when I reach goal and maintain like you are, I will be doing the happy dance! Even if my cat could care less, lol!

  16. I agree! The Biggest Maintainer will probably never make it on the air, but it is the reality show that I'm starring in these days too.


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