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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Invisibility Cloak...Have You Seen it?


Me either...

Where did it go?

I used to have this 111 lb invisibility cloak.  It kept me invisible.  It was kind of nice to not be noticed.  However, now, it's kind of nice to be noticed (a little unnerving at times though).

I didn't realize it at the time, but this 111 lb cloak made people not look at me or notice me much.  Perhaps their thought processes were, "Heaven forbid don't anyone look at the fat girl and draw attention to her."  WTF.  Who knows..?

Anyways, I thought everyone was "invisible."   I am now realizing that I thought WRONG.

As I mentioned in the previous post back in September called "I'm Getting Skinnier and People are Getting Nicer", I touched a little on this issue as well. 

People talk to me now.  People behind counters at restaurants offer me free food samples...all the damn time.  They never used to offer the fat girl free food samples..hah!

Well, that's my thought of the day.

PS: Here's the monthly tracking spreadsheet update for you since yesterday (12/20) was my 14 month bandiversary:


  1. That is so awesome for you! You must be so proud! Welcome to being visible again!

  2. Hey! I just wrote a similar post. Mine isn't off yet, but there are a few holes showing. When I lost it in the past it was extremely unnerving because I hadn't realized I was wearing one in the first place.

    I'm so glad yours is gone forever now and I look forward to hearing more about life without it!

  3. Totally spot on---I have people look me square in the eye now and ask if I need assistance at stores. It is totally unnerving sometimes. It amazes me that we were more invisible when we were big than we are now that we are small...It just goes against the laws of physics.


  4. I never had people not look at me or be rude to me even at 300 pounds. I assume as I get more like normal weight (I've a long "weigh" to go) maybe I'll notice if there is a real difference, but I've never been invisible that I could notice. I chat people up everywhere and didn't get rebuffed...so..hm.

  5. This was a GREAT post! Exactly exactly right!

  6. Great post! Unfortunatley I have experienced the same thing..people are nicer to skinnier people not just men EVERYONE..sad isn't it..