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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Easy Way Out

"The Easy Way Out."  Bandsters just love it when we hear those four little words used as description of what it's like to get healthy and lose weight with the band?  Right? *note sarcasm*

Of course, we all know that the lifestyle with the band (or any weight loss surgery or diet plan for that matter) is not the easy way out.  It's difficult.  It's tough.  It's a lot of WORK.  It takes planning.  It requires making conscious choices every f***ing day.

I have been thinking a little about the phrase "the easy way out" and have determined that for me, the easy way out was being FAT.  It was SOOO EASY to be fat! 

I didn't have to think about what I put in my mouth. EVER.  If it tasted good, I ate it.  I didn't think about how many calories a food had in it or how much protein it contained.  I didn't worry about eating an In-n-Out Double Double Cheeseburger in 4 minutes flat, while guzzling a large sugary Coke.  Taking a trip to Panda Express and eating two servings of Orange Chicken and a huge serving of fried rice...no problem!  Being fat was EASY.

I didn't have to think about how I would get my 30+ minutes of exercise each day.  Exercise?....are you crazy?!?  It was more fun to sit on the couch each night and watch my favorite TV shows.  Being fat was EASY.

I didn't have to think about how much water I had consumed in a day.  I just enjoyed my Mt Dews and Cokes all throughout the day...What fun!  No multiple trips to the ladies room due to massive water consumption for the fat girl.  Being fat was EASY.

Why do I continue to travel down this road of improved health?  I'll tell you why:
  • My back doesn't hurt when I wake up in the morning anymore.
  • My not-so-sexy cankles are gone.
  • My blood pressure is normal..no more meds!
  • I need so much less sleep.. I was so tired when I was fat...I missed out on a lot.
  • To keep looking hot in my size 6 jeans.
Why do you continue to make healthy food choices and make time for exercise? 

I think that it's important that we find the "why" in this journey so that we never go back to the "easy way out."


  1. Such great points in this post!! Very well done!

  2. All I can add to that post is Amen!!

  3. Well said. Anyone who commits to this process, with or without surgery is going to find out it is a hell of a lot of hard work. And won't succeed without that hard work.

    I am doing this to save my life. At the rate I was going, I was rapidly killing myself. And, I want off my frakking blood pressure med. I hate knowing that I officially have high blood pressure and have to take a pill for it. Pissed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about it! lol

  4. You are so right - it was MUUUUUCH easier being fat. WOW. Love this!

    My Why - is that I can live my life now. I don't have to sleep 10 hours a day. I don't tell my husband and kids..NO, I'm too tired. I'm no longer ashamed to go out and have fun and meet people, heck to eat in a restaurant - in FRONT of people! I no longer have back pain, knee pain, foot pain. I can walk, shop, sightsee ALL DAY LONG.

  5. thanks for the perspective... if anyone dare ever suggest to my face that i took the easy way out by having surgery, i'm going to quote you!

  6. Great post - gives me alot to think about !

  7. You're so right-- though, and I know you know this is true, it sucked to be fat, so it wasn't so easy after all.
    But great statements of truth about the band.

  8. Love your new banner...

    As always, you are my mentor!!! Thanks for the insights. I think adjusting one's frame of mind is just as important as one's physical body.

    Thank you for your comments and support and bringing people to my blog. http://rachelthinwitin.blogspot.com

  9. Wow!! Never thought of it like that....what a fabulous perspective! Love this post. :)

  10. mmmhmmm...i like this thought a lot. I am probably going to use it actually the next time someone says to me "You took the easy way".

    Well done!

  11. i would say none of it was easy-being fat was easy when it came to eating and drinking but easy to live with not so much. Everyday activities were hard, sleeping was hard, my interactions with people were hard. Dieting without the band was hard-the voiced in my head to eat and the failure i felt every time was hard. Now the band...it wasn't easy but it was easi'er' than living my life fat or dieting without its aide. I like to think of it as doable...not easy but doable.

    love the post idea!


  12. Awesome post, so funny because I posted about how this journey is very tough today and not the other way around.

  13. This post is absolutely wonderful, and if anyone ever brings up how I took the easy road out, I will refer to this!

  14. Great post! You know me too well! :)

  15. Love this post. Now I have some good retorts for the next time anyone says that to me!

  16. Oh! That is the best observation I've seen in a long time. Being fat is lots easier than the band... I will remember this for next years Christmas parties...

  17. Great perspective! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Fantastic post!! I hate having to feel like I have to explain all the damn time that this is so NOT the "easy way out", that the band doesn't work for us unless WE are willing to do the work. It just gives us an extra tool that we have to USE in order to be successful. It certainly doesn't do it all for us.

  19. Yes, it was so very easy to be fat, wasn't it ?!? Love this post :o)

    ***Happy New Year***

  20. wow great post...So true!!

  21. I loooooove this post! Well said!

  22. As always, you don't disappoint! Great post and sadly, oh so true! This losing weight is tough as hell!!! It was so much easier eating my weight in junk not thinking another thought about it... Great, great post!

  23. Great topic - I never really thought of it that way. I also like your simple idea of a post-it note for tracking calories. I have a tendency to make things harder - and tying myself to an electronic tracking method may be an excuse wrapped in what seems like a rule I've created (I have to track it online). I also love your mini dish idea! I think I may get started on collecting a few! Thanks!

  24. Hi there,
    I have been reading through your entire blog, this is the post I am currently at (I started from the beginning).

    This blog was incredibly inspiring to me. I am 5 days away from my surgery, and I cannot tell you how much it bothers me to hear people say "Oh the easy way". I will remember this blog forever and this posting is something I will think of often. I cannot wait to retort with "Really, you dont think sitting on my couch munching chips with gaucamole every night, followed by peanut butter cups (also my favorite) was the easier choice?"

    Thank you!


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