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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ABC's To Successful Weightloss

Acknowledge that you know what to do
Believe that you have the ability to do it
Courage to do what needs to be done
Deciding that today is the day
Enjoying the journey
Forgiving yourself and moving on
Going for your goal Hearing the compliments
Inviting success into your life
Journaling everything that goes in your mouth
Keep going when you feel like quitting
Loving yourself enough to change your lifestyle
Making delicious meals
Not ever giving up on yourself
Offer to share your new knowledge with others
Patience with the journey...the weight did not come on overnight
Quiet time for yourself
Remind yourself all of the reasons you are doing this
Self-talk that is positive and repetitive
Turning to solutions instead of food for "problems"
Using all of your "tools" for success
Visiting with others if you need support
Wanting success with your weight loss more than you want that "treat"
Xerox copies of your favorite recipes  and share them
You alone can do this, but you don't have to do it alone
Zero in on your goals and move toward them one pound at a time


  1. That's awesome! Absolutely awesome and perfect!!!

  2. You are awesome and perfect and a good teacher! I value you.

  3. Love the ABC's. They are so true. You have done an amazing tranformation.

  4. I love it!! Thanks for posting!

  5. Love it, love it, LOVE it!! Thank you so much for posting these incredible words to live by!! You are such an inspiration, and I thank YOU!!!

  6. Wow this is great, really inspariational.

  7. Just came across your blog and love your positive attitude.

    Would you mind if I linked to this post on my blog?