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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Tight

My last fill (.1cc...a baby fill!) was on February 5. Yep, that's 6 weeks ago. I had perfect restriction from that fill up until about a week ago....when BAM....major restriction. No PB'ing or anything, just a general inflammation/stuck type feeling from my band up all the way up to the back of my throat.

I can still eat (less than before), but it just hurts a bit when I do, so I have an appointment for an unfill on Monday morning.

I've been trying to do full liquids as instructed by the NP until Monday, however it's a bit difficult while traveling for business. I've been enjoying my share of Starbucks Vivanno protein smoothies and chocolate Muscle Milk.

I'm currently at 6.1cc in my 10cc band.....I will probably ask for .1cc or .2cc to be removed...sounds about right?

PS: This weeks weigh-in will be postponed from tomorrow to Saturday due to traveling...


  1. That sucks!
    I hope you are able to find some soups and such while traveling.
    Glad you got an appointment quickly. (I did too when I was too full) From what I read from other blogs we are pretty lucky with our choice of banding centers.
    Keep us posted.

  2. EEK! Aren't our bodies funny? For that to come on suddenly sounds like what I went through. Are you stressed? Or maybe you have inflammation. Maybe just have liquids for a day or so, see if that helps. Amazing such a weenie amount could have such an effect. I hope you sort it soon - being too filled is no fun!!

  3. Ugh, that doesn't sound fun. I hope you're feeling better soon. Good luck with the unfill!

  4. Wow, that is weird..I haven't heard of that before..good luck to you..

  5. From experience, I know that overfilling can be very painful. I lost a couple of pounds from it, only to gain it all back from bad choices. All caused from overfilling.

  6. I am consistently amazed at the fluctuations in the band. I hope you feel better and can stick to liquids. I had no idea Starbucks had a protein smoothie. Is it good? I can't do muscle milk...blech. I hope you can find soups for the rest of your trip. Being too tight is no fun.

  7. So frustrating for you! But thanks for posting about it :)

  8. It is a little scary unpredictable the band seems to be from what I've read. Glad you got an appointment quickly.