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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Giving 'em out like free samples at Costco?

I just counted 6, yes SIX, lap band billboard signs on the drive from LAX to my hotel in Anaheim...in just 45 minutes, wow. Is everyone getting' the band here in LA? LOL. I live in a small town in Oregon and I only know 4 people who have the band (most of which I met at my lap band support group).
I have just learned that this company who advertises on the billboards in LA are in a bit of trouble. Click HERE


  1. Interesting article - and ironic what a lot of ads were featured around it about quick weight loss! Sounds like one should avoid these guys at all costs.

  2. Far out - thats a lot of advertising. Mind you - it IS an excellent product!!!

  3. Wow - that's interesting....glad you posted it.

  4. Yes I live in So Cal and those billboards have invaded it all! You would think they have samples ready! I heard of the problems with them and I'm so glad I had nothing to do with the company

    I'm like 15 minutes from Anaheim! Are you vacationing?

  5. Dag I've been thinking about asking for a tiny fill... .1cc seems like such a tiny amount. What made you feel like you needed a fill? Oh, and were you flying befoe it got tighter? Curious.

  6. tighter before I flew, air travel has not affected my band tightness