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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Business Travel & Taxes

Two topics for today:

1> I am traveling for a work conference for the next few days and I'm already thinking/planning how I will make wise food choices. Do you have any tips for me on sucessful eating while traveling? What about excercising?

2> With tax time here, I just wanted to remind any American self-pay bandsters (like me) out there: The US government recognizes weightloss surgery as a medical expense. So be sure to take that deduction!

PS: NSV, I found some awesome work slacks/pants in size 14 that fit!! And on the Clearance rack! YAY!

PSS: Lap Band Support Group tonight :)


  1. Size 14 YAY!!!! Great NSV for sure

    Are you going tonight to support group? I am going to shoot for the next one due to the surgery. If you do go tell Mark I'm not a slacker :)

  2. Size 14, that is great!

    As for traveling, I was just away and I packed protein bars and shakes, and herbal tea packets. I still came away with a slight gain, but it came right off..
    Have fun!

  3. As for taxes, don't forget your mileage to/from all your doctor's appointments (and add in your dentist, etc. since this may be the only year you'll have enough to itemize medical expenses).

  4. If you are staying in a hotel, call ahead and tell them you need a mini fridge in your room for medical supplies - your food is your medicine. Stop by a store and pick up yogurt, etc. I love string cheese, it's easy to eat, has protein. Sliced deli meat.
    Shakes. Bring hard boiled eggs?
    What do you eat at home?
    I eat just about anything, just start with the protein.

  5. Size 14 is such a great number. You should really be proud. Congratulations. I love the Business Travel sign. Makes me glad I don't have to travel for my job.