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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sudden Restriction and Continued Confusion

Ok, my band continues to confuse me...last week on the cruise I was able to shove way too much food in my pie-hole. On Monday, I was even thinking of calling for a fill appointment.

Fast forward to yesterday and BAM....restriction has arrived! I can feel my band (not pain, just feel it) all day long...which is kinda weird. I can still eat all the usual foods, like today I had my favorites from Taco Bell.

Anyone have this issue?

At first, I was thinking, oh yeah, stress from work is probably the culprit or maybe it's due to the weather which has been colder lately... who knows.

Any advice?


  1. Oh my, your photo is f u n n y! Good luck with the crazy restriction, mine appears to be on a cruise or something.

  2. Don't ask me - lol I just did a post on that exact thing. They like to keep us guessing!!

  3. FOr me it is like that all the time...one day cant get scrambled egss down, next day can eat a french baquette...WTF??? Just trying to roll with the punches :-)

  4. Totally have this issue! I had no restriction and then found myself on Wed with massive restricion. Stuck on a protein bar of all things! Very strange...I have a fill at the end of the month and was confident I needed it until Wed. Ugh! BTW, your pictures from the cruise, in the blue tankdress - you look gorgeous!!!

  5. Hi,
    I am new to your blog and enjoying it. I LOVE your pic from Feb 28th. You look amazing! Can really see the loss in your face. Wonderful.

    I am fairly newly banded (8 weeks this Tuesday coming) and have had one fill. I can eat a lot, and when I get hungry, my stomach growls like you can't believe.

    Its a learning process for sure!