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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank you Captain Obvious

Did we really need CNN to point this out? Like we don't know this already. Seriously.

Not a news flash...


  1. Interesting read, thanks.

  2. lol Yup, just confirmed what we already know - that CNN had nothing else to report this week - it must have been a slow one - and theres a collective nodding of heads from those of us who suffered from a love of fatty food. Well, doh yeah it's addictive!!

  3. Sheesh, I could have told them that!! I wonder if they'll make PSAs warning the effects of fatty foods now.... ;)

  4. The thing is, we need Captain Obvious to remind the rest of the world that the fat among us are not just suffering from a willpower deficiency --- there are real chemical reactions going on in the brain that cause overeating.

    The dopamine factor also helps to explain why many obese people suffer from depression. We self medicate with food (or, used to anyway....)

  5. my favorite thing to say to things like that? "NO SHI@#!" lol