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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thinking of doing a VLOG....

Ok, so I've been watching everyone's awesome vlogs lately and was wondering if I should do one too? Kinda a scary thought...I think that I am a bit shy...

I always enjoy watching others vlogs, so maybe I should suck it up and just do it...

By the way...any tips on a sucessful vlog (uploading tips, etc)?


  1. Don't have any tips, but I'd love to hear how this works.

  2. I do my vlogs on Windows Movie maker. It converts my vlog that I do via my camera movie and I'm then able to upload. If you want the instructions (I have them on my desktop..how to do!) just email me darl and I will email them back. carolyn511@westnet.com.au

  3. OHHHH doh to me.. by the way.. Vlog Vlog - I want to see you in moving colour. x

  4. I use Quicktime Pro (an add-on to the free Quicktime that came with my computer) and shrink the video to get it to fit on Blogspot. Here is a link to the instructions I follow to shrink the file. It's actually really easy to do.


    Definitely do the vlog! You look great and it would be nice to "see" you! :)