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Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is why you're fat

Before I tell you about an extreme hot mess of a website called "This is why you're fat"...I have a few random updates...

1> I mailed the bear off to Katie in Australia of "The Secret Diaries Of..." She was the first of the soon-to-be bandsters that responded to my earlier post offering up the Bari-Bear. I hope the bear comes in handy during her recovery. Perhaps this is the beginning of many journeys for the Traveling Bear...?

2> My black dress from Jessicalondon.com arrived today...it'll need to be hemmed up for this shortie, but it'll do fine. A bit shiny though... size 16!! Here's a pic:
3> There's a newbie bandster, Logan, out there who could use our support. I stumbled upon his blog today and it's a good read. He's about one week post-op. Please go say "hi" :0)

4> Lastly, here's the website that I promised you, "This is Why You're Fat", which I also found today...first let me say that there are tons of food pics on this site, so you may not want to take a peek. Second, it's like a passing a really bad car accident on the freeway...you just can't look away...website is HERE. What are your thoughts on this site?

PS: Tomorrow is weigh-in day...


  1. The dress is gorgeous! And you're wearing it so well.

  2. GREAT dress. You look beautiful (even better without the camera blocking your face, I'm sure!).

  3. You look fabbo in that dress...will check out those sites and let you know what I think. Perhaps you could tell Katie that I have been trying so hard to get into here blog but for some reason I am having heaps of trouble and when I do finally get there I can not post.

  4. Yay the bear is on it's way to OZ... Thank you so much I'll be sure to look after him and then send him on is way once I am healed! Its so sweet of you to have sent it xxx

  5. I just checked out that website...let me tell you definetly some food porn going on over there!!! Half of what I saw made me lick my lips while the other half made me want to gag ha!!
    Dress looks amazing on you