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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My LapBand Buddy Sandi

Happy Saturday everyone!

Maybe I haven't been looking in the right places/blogs, but it seems difficult to find a bandster who is more than 2 years post op. Perhaps these fabulously successful bandsters move on with their lives and are too busy to blog and post on the message boards at Lapbandtalk.com or Obesityhelp.com? Not sure....

Anyways, I have a lap band buddy that I haven't told you all about...her name is Sandi and she is 5 years post op. Wow. We "met" on lapbandtalk.com when I was in the research/early stages of my weight loss journey. I was eager to hear more from the long-term bandsters. So we have been emailing back and forth since August and she has been very encouraging and a positive support.

Sandi has a fab website/blog. She has lost 250 lbs and is maintaining her loss everyday. WOW! She is an awesome inspiration!

Here is a little gem she passed along to me lately about how I can handle the over abundance of food (buffets!) on my upcoming cruise. This tip could also apply to eating out in restaurants: "if you put too much food on your plate eat a little bit- that was a LITTLE bit and then salt the food, sugar it, or just squash it with another plate..I have done all 3 more times than I care to remember. It works!" I know I would stop eating if it was salted/sugared/squashed. ...great tip!

Go check out Sandi's website, she is a success story!


  1. That is a great tip...will check her out. Thanks

  2. I have heard of doing this too, but I think it takes guts lol. We would probably go, nooooo, what did I just do.. I wanted another few bites.. (but isn't that the whole purpose.. to stop those few more bites?) Its a head-rush thing.

  3. Apart form thanking you for being a follower on my blog, also wanted to say that I'm enjoying following yours (officially from today!), and that I enjoyed looking at Sandi's too. As you say, it's not easy to find bandits older than 2. Read your post about diabetes (me too) which was brought home forcefully to me last week when a friend died. I've tried to describe it in my recent post.
    Thanks again, and you look so different from your first pic... many congratulations!

  4. I LOVE that tip. I'm going to try it now. Okay, well, maybe not right this second. But when I go out to eat & I know I'm getting full, to prevent me from overeating.
    A friend once told me that when you're eating & you take that one deep (sigh-like) breath in the midst of eating, THAT is when you're supposed to stop. So, that's when I'm going to uber-salt/sugar/squish my food!
    Obviously, I'm pre-band. About halfway through my insurance phase. Love reading all the blogs out here in band land!
    Here's my new band blog:
    Band on the Run